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Chop California Down To Size?

It’s no secret that the economic woes of California are a direct result of failed socialist policies, corruption, and big labor influence. The sheer size of the state magnifies those problems. How can the problems California faces be cut down to size? How about cutting Calfornia down to size.

To be rich in California means that a substantial part of your income goes into government coffers to fund everything from illegal alien benefits to climate change programs. What money isn’t skimmed off the top by crooked politicians usually ends up in the wallets of fat cat labor leaders. In any case, the rich never see any benefit from the taxes they pay. That could change if an initiative put forward by Silicon Valley entrepeneur Tim Draper gets any traction. Draper wants to break California up into six states, with this beloved Silicon Valley being not only one of those states, but the richest one. If his plan was to actually come to fruition, Silicon Valley, home of Google, Yahoo and many other tech giants would be one of the richest states in the union. It would also create some of the poorest states in the union. And that is what puts this plan on shaky ground.

The secretary of state has given the go ahead for Draper to gather signatures in order to put this initiative on the ballot. He needs 800,000 by July to do so. Supposing he was successful at gathering that number of confirmed signatures, the measure would have to be passed by the people and congress. That’s where the brakes are applied.

California depends heavily on tax revenue from the rich to fund handouts to illegal aliens. A breakup such as this would have devastating consequences for those in the central valley, and area of high poverty-and a high illegal alien population. The current tax revenue that is currently being used to subsidize housing and other benefits for illegal aliens would now be funneled back into the communities they came from. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Not to the socialists that troll California. Spreading the wealth is the mantra in California unless you are with the in crowd. As in Washington, there are always way of off-setting a tax hike if you know the right people.

The reasons why this probably won’t go anywhere have been outlined above, and in addition to that, one of those proposed states would be anchored by Los Angeles, light years away from the wealth of Silicon Valley. As if the county and city weren’t poorly run already, giving them and folks like them an entire state would be devastating. Oh, wait a minute, we’ve already handed the state over to incompetents. They reside in Sacramento. Good luck Mr. Draper…

2 comments to Chop California Down To Size?

  • It is an interesting idea because it seems that small pockets in the rural areas are who gets to decide the elections while others all across the state might not be best represented by the type of liberal politicians the bigger cities prefer. But of course this will go nowhere because of course the Washington elites don’t really care if the people are represented, they only care about keeping the status quo.

  • rjjrdq

    They’re going with the numbers. More takers than givers. If they could make everyone a dependent taker they would.

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