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Chris Christie a Global Warming Believer

A RINO is on the charge, but he also happens to be a politician, so he’s covering his tracks along the way. No matter what side of the fence the global warming issue falls on, Chris Christie will be able to say he was either for or against it.

The darling slob of the GOP has struck again, being a good dhimmi by making sure not to offend his Muslim overlords while at the same time being tough on climate change regulations. Apparently, New Jersey was part of a regional alliance that sought to attenuate greenhouse gas emissions in that part of the country. As for the premise that greenhouse gases are increasing and contributing to man made global warming, Christie sounded like a Newt Gingrich clone on a date with Nancy Pelosi.

“In the past I’ve always said that climate change is real and it’s impacting our state,” Christie said at the start of a 14-minute prepared statement. “There’s undeniable data that CO2 levels and other greenhouse gases in our atmosphere are increasing. This decade, average temperatures have been rising. Temperature changes are affecting weather patterns and our climate.”

He concurs with 90 percent of the world’s scientists that believe-or is pushing the notion that global warming is real. Not sure where he got the 90 percent number from, but hey, it’s Chris 2012 Christie, so who cares. Christie refers to those scientists as experts. A simple search of this blog will detail just what kind of experts they are.

Christie has decided to pull out of the regional plan, citing that it is inefficient and has hasn’t done it’s job to curb greenhouse gases. He points to his own state already heading down the green line in pursuit of a 2020 goal to reduce greenhouse gases. Part of that goal includes programs for energy efficiency, windmills, solar panels as well as…a moratorium on new coal plant permits. That is correct, the very same tactics the Obama regime is using nationally Chris Christie is using unilaterally in his own state.

So Christie has both sides of the issue covered. He draws praise from the right in withdrawing from the regional plan, while at the same time implementing Obama global warming policy on his own. Of course, the Obama regime is a little disappointed. They want to control everything from central command, and Christie has taken that away from them. The Obama regime is feigning disappointment while once again admitting that this isn’t about global warming at all. The story changes from day to day. This day, it’s pollution.

“While we respect every governor’s prerogative to make policy decisions, this is a disappointing step given New Jersey’s legacy of leadership on environmental issues,” said EPA spokesman Brendan Gilfillan. “Reducing harmful air pollution protects our health and provides opportunities for local investments in clean energy technologies.

Well, I’m all for reigning in pollution, but that’s a different issue from global warming. But they already know that, and so does Chris Christie. He could care less what condition the garden state is in. His political career is what matters to him. Would he be a better pick than Obama? Of course, but then again, so would most people, so that isn’t saying much. Chris Christie is an opportunist, and while he may make waves on issues here and there, in the end, it’s about him and his career, not the country. No, he’s not on the level of a Reid or Pelosi or Obama, but either is Newt Gingrich, and I wouldn’t cast a vote for him either.

8 comments to Chris Christie a Global Warming Believer

  • I heard him in an interview on the radio–I forget who the host was–and when asked about global warming he admitted it was real and needed to be dealt with, but that he wasn’t sure it was man-made. This threw up a huge red flag with me and it appears he is not the man many people are making him out to be.

  • 90% hey? For some reason I think he pulled the number out of thin air. I agree with you though about there being some kind of GOP love affair with Christie. My Mom thinks he is the best politician since Ronald Reagan. And I tell her that he might be fiscally conservative, but he is definitely not socially conservative (and now to find out he is an opportunist to boot!).

    Oh well, I think we can rest assured he is not going to run in 2012. If he did, then all of a sudden people would find out about RINOy ways and I doubt he would get out of the primaries.

  • Jay F

    Ok, that’s it. I’m done with the big man. Good Lord, what are he and Gingrich thinking? Any 3rd grader can do a bit of research and see that there is absolutely no scientific evidence of man made global warming, sorry climate change (since the earth has been cooling since 1998). All the glaciers that melted to form the Great Lakes, where did the CO2 come from that precipitated that warm up?

    Forget 2016 too big guy.

    • admin

      That’s the thing Jay, he didn’t do any research and even said he defers to the “experts.” He admits he’s clueless.

  • Chris is up tight, joined at the hip, with the Bush’s, especially Jeb at this point…however, he has been a Bush go’fer from the start.

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