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Chris Matthews’ Race Card Meltdown

As the saying goes, the truth hurts, and if that is the case, then Chris Matthews must be in a world of pain. No doubt both of his viewers must be as enraged as he is, but everyone else…they’re either firmly rooted in reality or are able to take things on their merits. Neither one of those attributes apply to Matthews. Hell-bent on playing the race card himself, Matthews has launched yet another accusation at Mitt Romney, using the dilapidated tactic of accusing someone else of what you are doing.

The drunken congressional candidate, media figure, wannabe popular guy Chris Matthews was at it again, this time launching the race card directly at Mitt Romney, as opposed to his usual tactic of playing it against anybody that happens to be white. Although Romney wasn’t there to defend himself-again, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus was, and-God bless him, but what do you do when a meltdown is occurring right before your eyes? That is what Priebus was faced with, and with those cases sometimes it’s better to say as little as possible or run the risk of looking like a hysterical Chris Matthews.

MSNBC’s Morining Joe hosted a round table Republican beat down with Reince Priebus as the sacrificial lamb. Joe Scarborough, Tom Brokaw and a few other were there, as well as Chris Matthews. Whether it was coincidence or not, they had Priebus and Matthews as far away from each other as possible. That probably worked out, because Matthews was unhinged.

Matthews immediately tore into Priebus about Romney’s dishonesty about Obama’s elimination of the welfare to work requirement. He claimed that your party was playing the ethnic card, and that it was dishonest and untrue. The facts tell a different story. In fact, Obama has granted himself (where have heard that before), the power to waive work requirements for welfare recipients. While Matthews bellowed that Romney’s assertions have been proven inaccurate, he failed to mention everyone that pointed out the inaccuracy consisted of the New York Times, who themselves accused Romney of playing the race card. Unlike Obama, have you seen Romney using the race card to attract votes? Me either. You are correct, there is a pattern, there are talking points.

Then Matthews started on the Romney quip about the birth certificate. There was nothing racial about the joke (a joke to Romney anyway), but Matthews turned it into one.

Even others on the panel attempted to put the brakes on Chris Matthews, but to no avail. Brokaw just fueled the flames, expecting Priebus to denounce calls that Obama is a Muslim and a socialist. Priebus did not. How could he? Matthews was in flames at this point. With the Jack Daniels kicking in, Matthews pounced on one of the few things Priebus did say, that Obama was turning the United States into a European model. For Matthews, that was the race card as well. It also dovetailed into the birther issue. Yes, suggesting that Obama wanted to adopt a socialist European model meant Republicans were playing the race card by suggesting Obama was a foreigner. That isn’t why people think Obama is a foreigner Chris.

Through this tirade I couldn’t help notice what Chris Matthews was defending: Minorities on welfare. That is who he expects to be there, and that is where he thinks they should stay. While accusing everyone else of playing the race card, Matthews himself supports a system that has kept non-whites hyper-dependent on government handouts. Any criticism of this failed system amounts to playing the race card as far as Matthews if concerned. He once again exposes himself doing what he accuses others of doing.

With conservatives being branded as a bunch of dumb hillbillies, it’s interesting that Matthews thinks they’re smart enough to interpret the subtleties of Romney’s race pandering. What it really looks like is Matthews imploding with the thought that the man that sends a shiver down his leg, might actually lose, even with ACORN, the VPC, electronic voting machines and illegal aliens on Obama’s side. Matthews is off the rails with this tirade-and other race-based tirades he has had in the past. Perfect for MSNBC.

4 comments to Chris Matthews’ Race Card Meltdown

  • Matthews really is becoming unglued and Priebus did the right think injust letting him go. Why stop him while he is making an ass out of himself? At this point I think even his ten viewers don’t take him seriously any more, they just tune in for a laugh.

  • Joe Biden has mental problems. Whatsherbame-Schultz and Maxine Waters and Elizabeth Warren have mental problems. But, Chris Matthews has very serious mental problems. No wonder the ratings for MSNBC are so low. His response to everything is name calling and the race card. Not on his life could he ever make a cogent argument.

    • His tactic is to cut people off so they will never make their point. Or in this case not let Priebus get in a word at all. He tried it with Joe Walsh, but Joe knew how to handle it. The result was classic. You should check out that interview.

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