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Citizens of Seattle Attacked by Their Own

The term fundamental transformation doesn’t begin and end at the White House. There are those in this country that feel the nation state is either an outdated idea or-just wrong. There are also those that still feel this is a racist country and whitey needs to be kept in check. Then there are those that believe both. The social engineers in the city of Seattle fall into that group.

It’s safe to say that just about anyone who has ever held a job at some point brought a sack lunch to work. Let’s go back even further, all the way back to elementary school. For a lifetime, that practice has been commonly known as brown-bagging. A brown paper bag containing your lunch. In a memo, the Seattle Office of Civil Rights have decided that somehow, some way, that term is racist and should not be used in a government setting. There have been no complaints-ever that I’m aware of, but this group has decided that the word “brown” has racial connotations.

“It used to be a way people could judge skin color,” Bronstein said in a phone interview with ABC News affiliate KOMO-TV in Seattle. According to the memo, other options are available to city employees such as “sack lunch” or “lunch-and-learn.

Really? When? Apparently, this Bronstein character didn’t elaborate. Bronstein also unaware that he has accused the majority of Americans of using a racist term freely all their lives. One of their other recommendations could shed light on what provoked this out of left field attack on Americans.

The office also recommends that the term citizens be replaced with residents. They are concerned that the term “citizens” may offend some. You can’t make this up. Hmmm. Brown, not citizens…Ahhh, Si Se Puede! With the current amnesty fight going on in Washington, this group in Seattle has decided to become illegal alien friendly. To do that, they have accused the actual citizens of Seattle of using racist terms and offending good residents that just want to work by marginalizing them for not being citizens. Ironically, they have offended and marginalized actual citizens without batting an eye.

Unfortunately, the majority of Washingtonians want this. In fact, the state legislature recently voted to remove gender specific words from official records, such as freshman and journeyman for more gender neutral terms.

Is is me, or does all of this sound like talking points straight from the bowels of the Justice Department’s civil rights division?

6 comments to Citizens of Seattle Attacked by Their Own

  • Unbelievable, but not really considering the country we now live in! This is the first I have heard of this, great find and thanks for posting it. We are quickly losing the battle as the loons take over every aspect of our government.

  • I just wonder if those loons are taking orders from somewhere else.

  • So when does the “Burrito Truck” become racist? Many years ago, I had a state rep tell me that it was racist to label anything burrito. I responded and asked him if his mother had ever called him a “burrito” as a kid? (Burrito is donkey in Spanish.) He laughed and said of course. I then asked him if his mother was a racist? He finally admitted that he was full of crap. (That was over a few beers, he has finished his prison term.) I guess his mom wasn’t wrong.

  • Yes, and I survived lunch in a non insulated bag complete with a sandwich with mayo… Now it would be child abuse. Different times indeed.

    • Lucky you…I got peanut butter and jelly for 6 years straight. Peanut butter, imagine now I would be considered a would be assassin to anyone with a peanut allergy.

  • When I first read about this, my jaw dropped open. I was only in Seatle one time many years ago. I remember being impressed with the city and the people.How times change. No doubt, Holder and friends know too well who the useful idiots are and take advantage of them.

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