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Climate Fraud is Alive and Well

Remember the global warming hockey stick graph, the alleged final word of proof that the earth was warming at such an ungodly rate that we should all be dead already? It’s baaack, but this time with a different face, and for the global warming fraudsters perpetuating this myth, hopefully a little less laughable than the last scheme. This time, they’ve tapped a Berkeley liberal who has apparently pretended to be a skeptic all along. Suddenly though, he has seen the light.

Richard Muller, a Berkeley University physics professor has come up with yet another study that shows the earth warming at such an alarming rate, that his graph resembles Michael Mann’s infamous hockey stick graph that has been proven a fraud. His conclusion is that the earth is warming right in line with the United Nation’s predictions, although one of the co-authors of the study disputes the assertion.

This isn’t the only story I’ve seen on climate change in the last few days. The AP, who has been in the tank on the global warming fraud from the beginning are sounding the alarm bells, equating man made greenhouse gases with global warming. Not only has this not been proven to be the case, the climategate scandal exposed how scientists actively sought to cover up data that would prove otherwise. Nevertheless, the bogus numbers that came out of the University of East Anglia made it into the IPCC report and suddenly that became the bible of global warming. Never mind that the U.N. themselves acknowledge the bad numbers and false attributions in the report. Most people don’t even know about that.

Did you think the social justice engineers were just going to let this die? The U.N. wants $45 TRILLION for this fraud. We aren’t talking about nickels and dimes here. We’re talking about a massive shift of wealth not seen in human history. Even Phil Jones at East Anglia concedes we’re entering a cooling phase. Doesn’t matter. This Muller character has decided that we’re warming, and contrary to the evidence that’s what the mainstream line will be. What a coincidence, just in time for a major U.N. meeting on climate change in a few weeks. We know what report they’ll be touting this time around.

So while the mainstrem media diverts us with Herman Cain’s adventures with the ladies, this multi-trillon dollar fraud is still at full tilt. If Barack Obama gets another four years, we can expect to see the United States gutted in the name of social justice, citing data from NASA and the NOAA that even they admit is even more faulty than the crap from East Anglia!

Socialists can’t create anything. They can only redistribute as they see fit. Anybody with even a reasonable I.Q. can see how eventually, that translates into everyone eventually being broke. Well, almost everyone. While we will ride bicycles and stand in line for green batteries, guys like Obama will be cruising in limousines and Lear Jets the rest of his life. This global warming revolution is for us, not for them. And who’s going to put a stop to this? Hell, we even have Republicans on board with this fraud. Open borders and money being siphoned out of the country faster than a job being shipped to China. This is Obama’s first term. It’s the second round where the action happens. No accountability, and no worries about reelection.

We don’t have another election cycle. The Republican establishment are pushing Mitt Romney as their man. A global warming believer. Do you think he’s the man for the job? All I can say is that he probably won’t be as gung ho as Obama. But, he’ll keep the myth alive. And like a Friday the 13th sequel, it’ll just keep coming back.

10 comments to Climate Fraud is Alive and Well

  • I agree, this is not going to go away. The left doesn’t care about the facts because the truth is this is about wealth redistribution on a global scale and they will keep teaching this hoax to our children until they have swayed the minds of the people through indoctrination.
    If Obama gets reelected cap and trade is back on the table, and if Romney gets elected it won’t be as bad, but it won’t be all that much better.

  • It is really sad when I am starting to think that McCain sounded not so bad! I had to really struggle to vote for him. Compared to Romney, not much of a contest.

  • They have invested far too much time, money, and would be credibility on “climate change” to give up on it. They’re going to keep at it, no matter what.

  • As the glaciers of the next ice age come moving down from the north, they will still be crying about global warming.

  • Barb Hartwell

    I do not know if global warming is happening or not, but I would trust science over corps word any day. More corps have a lot to gain if they can dismiss what scientist all over the world are saying. I do believe we need to be good to the Earth we have no place else to go. I would like to know future generations can live at least as well as we are now.

  • I would trust the science too. The question is, where is it?

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