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Climate Fraudsters: Halt Economic Growth

And the best way to do that will be to redistribute wealth to regimes around the world that will either steal the money, use it to start their own carbon emission party or fritter it away on something unrelated. The science really is settled on this fraud, but as I’ve said before, this isn’t about science at all.

194 nations marching in lock step with the corrupt United Nations spewed tons of carbon on their way to Cancun, Mexico for yet another global warming wealth redistribution conference. Once again, the main topic is not global warming, climate change or whatever name they’re giving it this week, but how to divide up the money. Most of those countries came marching in with collection baskets on their shoulders. The lies have become more dramatic and the cure has been become ever more extreme for those countries that would fund this scheme. The United States is at the top of the list of those that stand to lose the most. Up and coming countries like China and India have balked at the prospect of choking off economic growth in the name of socialist fraud. That leaves the U.S. to spread as much wealth as humanly possible to countries like Mexico, Venezuela, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and yes, even developing countries such as China and India. Yes, we are to borrow money from China and then hand it right back to them so they can fight global warming. You can’t make this up. Of course, ballot stuffing Mexican President Felipe Caulderon has indicated that his country is switching over to energy saving light bulbs. Maybe I have it all wrong about those third world hell-holes.

The consequences for countries like the United States have already been mapped. out. Influential academics, (not sure who they actually influence) such as Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research knocks the country back 70 years. He advocates World War II style rationing in the United States, along with a halt to economic growth. You saw that right, a halt to economic growth. But only for us. This would be a halt while allowing poor nations to grow.

Assuming global warming actually existed, how would such a scheme do anything to address the problem? You are correct, it would do nothing. We can see an example of that now. China has become fat on American wealth, and at the same time has become the number one carbon emitter. India is right behind and coming up fast. But again, this isn’t about the climate at all.

Remember that the United Nations wants $45 trillion to fight climate change. Only a fool could believe that giving the likes of Hugo Chavez billions of dollars would save us all from the scourge of climate change. Think about it. That’s the premise. If the United States and other formerly wealthy countries would return to the 1940’s while third world dictators pocket their redistributed money, we’ll all be saved. The whole climate scheme has been proven to be a fraud, and as of now, I don’t hear a whole lot of Republicans making noise about it. Once that money has been redistributed, it will never be back. Just ask China and India. But then, that’s the plan, isn’t it?

5 comments to Climate Fraudsters: Halt Economic Growth

  • These people are no longer even hiding their true agenad–the global redistribution of wealth. They want ever nation to enjoy the same standard of living but they cannot raise up the poor nations so they must bring down the rich nations. We wouls be living under a lower standard of living, but it would be the same standard of living as other countries so in their mind, that is fair.These are dangerous people and they need to be stopped.

  • They no longer fear they must do their machinations in the dark of the night. Out front, in the open, defying us. Delusional that they think we will lay down for this without a fight.

  • You’ve nailed it. It’s a redistribution scheme. That, and it gives government the power to control all aspects of human life. It’s a massive win for the left if such nonsense becomes law.

  • control of health, behavior, how much you can make, what you can say-what else?

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