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CNN Strokes Islam, Bashes America

I caught some of this story on CNN, which is always on one of the televisions at the gym. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and felt the need to once again dismantle a specious argument coming from the left. Islam, in its current form is as dangerous in a cultural way as it is in violence. The pen is mightier than the sword as the saying goes, but in the case of Islam, both tools are on the table.

CNN is reporting the Muslims around the country are suffering an increase in various types of attacks, ostensibly directed at the religion itself. The online article cites some incidents that may or may not be attributable to non-Muslims, but the television report was nearly hysterical. If you believe CNN, America is attacking Islam on a scale-well we’ll let Ibrahim Hooper explain.

“This is unprecedented in its scale and scope,” said Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the civil rights and advocacy group, Council on American-Islamic Relations.

For anyone that doesn’t know who Hooper is, he is a hack over at CAIR and was initmately involved with the Holyland Foundation terror funding case. Eric Holder blocked was would have been certain convictions of CAIR executives, including Hooper. CNN trots him out as a voice of reason in the Islamic community, a father authority figure that is looking out for the victims that follow the Muslim faith. Hooper should be in prison, but instead he’s presented as a legitimate spokesman for Islam by CNN.

The attacks the article cites are questionable at best. A few (a few of the few) are actually still under investigation. I think I’ll wait for the results of those investigations before blaming whitey once again. The article already has. This reminds me of the hysteria exhibited by the Los Angeles City Council last year. Like now, the hysterics then weren’t supported by the numbers.

The Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations released their hate crime numbers from 2009. In Los Angeles County, which boasts a population of 10 million+, there were a total of 131 religious related hate crimes. Of those, 3 percent were allegedly directed at Muslims. Let’s do the math: 3 percent of 131 comes out to just under four. You saw that right. Four alleged acts in a county of more than 10 million, and the city council thought it so egregious, so untamed, so revolting that they had to pass a resolution condemning the acts. never mind that Jews are the target 88 percent of the time, and even Christians top Muslims in hate crime attacks at 8 percent.

Yes, Judeo-Christian United States sees more hate crimes directed at Christians themselves then at Muslims. Are we to assume that those crimes are committed by other Christians?

I’ve detailed ad-nauseum the activities of Islam in this country. If the lone wolves and cells aren’t looking to kill someone, groups like CAIR are using our system to affect and effect laws. Add the lawsuits that ooze with intolerance and we have a religion that claims victimization while creating them. Shame on you CNN for ignoring the facts and spewing this puff piece not only in defense of the side of Islam that features the cretins at CAIR, but launching your own attack upon the citizens of the United States. Don’t think the swipe at whitey didn’t escape me. I called you on it and dismantled an argument that could have very easily been run on MSNBC. This is the most welcoming country on earth, but that does not mean America is required to roll over and submit to any other culture or religion. Apparently, CNN doesn’t see it that way.

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