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Colin Powell Doubles Down on Ethno-Hustling

Just think about this, because it is a viable possibility: Clinton/Powell 2016. Anybody that thinks Colin Powell is a Republican is just deluding themselves. Not only is he a leftist, but his views are tainted with race-based ideology that so common with non-white Democrats. Given this ideology, it should have come as no surprise that once again Powell has attacked conservatives, took a swipe at whitey and once again pushed an agenda that would favor him if the aforementioned ticket should come to pass.

MSNBC rolled out the red carpet for Colin Powell, as they usually do for one of their own. He appeared on Morning Joe, maybe in an attempt to perpetuate the myth that he’s actually a Republican. Joe Scarborough has been perpetuating that for himself for years. If he actually was a conservative he would have met the fate of Pat Buchanan long ago.

When Powell went on Meet the Press last weekend, among his ramblings was that there was a demographic shift in this country and basically the Republicans needed to get on board with that. He failed to mention that illegal aliens traipsing across the border by the millions and reproducing in the United States had a huge role in that demographic shift. Powell, along with just about everyone else in Washington ignored this fact and instead proposed something straight out of the Obama playbook. As ACORN can attest, voter fraud favors Democrats much more than Republicans. Look at the numbers. Instead of making sure fraud is minimized, Powell wants exactly what every leftist wants: To do away with voter ID laws.

“The Republican Party should be a party that says, ‘We want everybody to vote,’ and make it easier to vote and give them a reason to vote for the party, not to find ways to keep them from voting at all.”

What Powell is saying is just what he was saying over the weekend. The Republicans need to become Democrats and race based politics should be the norm.

He may get his wish. There seems to be no will on the Republican side to stop either illegal immigration or their ability to vote, nor any attempt to address America as a whole as opposed to balkanized ethnic groups.

2010 should have shown that we still do have the votes. When I say we, I mean American citizens. But the Republicans allow the left to garner votes from groups that do not benefit from voting Democrat. The problem is that the current crop of Republican leadership can’t seem to show anybody that they are worth voting for. The result is Republicans being portrayed as jelly spined racists, and Democrats looking like the voice of reason in the country. Of course, even minimal scrutiny will show what the left really is, but unfortunately, many, many Americans do not scrutinize anything at all. Powell sees that and he can parrot the Obama rhetoric with virtually no response from conservatives, save a blogger here and there.

We the people need to get our act together before 2016. If we don’t, the Colin Powell nirvana with leaders such as Antonio Villaraigosa, Luis Gutierrez and the goons in the various ethno-caucuses will be the future, and we will collectively, have ourselves to blame.

2 comments to Colin Powell Doubles Down on Ethno-Hustling

  • It certainly seems as if Powell is preparing to run for president, the only question is; will he run as a Democrat or will he run as a Republican? If he does run as a Republican and we nominate yet another non-conservative we will be toast once again.

  • I think he’ll be switching parties very soon.

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