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Confirmed: Nancy Pelosi Still A Clueless Zombie

It’s hard to tell if this hag actually believes what she is saying, or if she’s been lying for so long she just doesn’t know how to tell the truth.

As the bright lights of ABC News shined down on the fading Botoxed face of Nancy Pelosi, the San Francisco freak plumped herself up to the nation, even though she must know she stands alone in her assessment. Interviewer Elizabeth Vargas asked Pelosi to giver herself a grade for the last year, as Obama was asked about his last year. Barry gave himself a B+. That alone is enough to roll you eyes, but Pelosi took it a step further. Her answer was an “A” for effort. At first thought, you might be thinking that she is just obligated not to trash herself on national television. But take a deeper look. If her goal was to move the country as far to the left as possible, bilk taxpayers for free plane rides for her and her family, muscle through legislation in the house the the American people were vehemently against, propose tax hikes for everything imaginable, ramrodding Obamacare, even as constituents were screaming in her frozen face to let it die, championing the threat of jail time for not buying it, and overall, absolutely ignoring the will of the American people, if that is what she was trying to accomplish…well then she might just deserve that A.

Her job is not done though. After the senate uses reconciliation to pass their version of Obamacare, Pelosi will still need to muster enough votes to pass it in the house. She may not have those votes right now, according to Paul Ryan. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Pelosi still runs the house, at least until November, and possibly beyond, the Obama agenda is in full overdrive, government jobs and entitlements are increasing, even as the public sector wallows in the depression, the Justice and State Departments are being stocked with terror sympathizers, the national debt is crushing, and likely unpayable, the borders are not secure despite claims to the contrary, with Pelosi branding ICE agents un American for enforcing immigration law, welcoming illegal aliens and touting them as patriots, even as they walk away from their own countries, running and hiding when the vote came down to de-fund ACORN, cap and trade, the stimulus, value added tax, and if all that isnt’ bad enough…November isn’t here yet.

Sure, I’ll give her an A for effort. I would give Karl Marx an A for effort as well. It’s much easier to be destructive than constructive. Nancy Pelosi has taken the low road, and is destroying to the best of her ability. She has quite a role model in the White House.

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