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Congress' Approval In The Gutter

You hate these pack of buffoons don’t you? I’m talking to those that pull the lever for the same boobs election after election. If you’re not happy, you have incredible power. You can replace the lawmakers in the most powerful nation on earth. They aren’t the boss, you are. So stop whining about them not doing the job and then sending them back in the next election. For the rest of us, darn right they suck.

A New York Times poll is bound to be biased in some way, but as far as this one goes, it looks pretty accurate on a certain level. A sampling of 960 Americans found that a staggering 82 percent disapprove of the job Congress is doing. 72 percent disapprove specifically of the Republicans. No surprise to me. Of course, you’ll have the left disapproving of Republicans no matter what. That goes both ways usually. But add those that hold the tea party values dear and you have the Republicans literally in the dog house with the 2012 presidential election looming. There’s your 72 percent.

Of course the poll was biased. 47 percent thought Obama handled the debt ceiling negotiations pretty well. You saw that right. He was missing in action for most of it, and when he did open his mouth, nobody listened. Even the Democrats were ignoring him. But this poll was either asking grossly uninformed Americans (which is quite possible), or polled a majority Democrats, which is also quite likely.

Nevertheless, John Boehner and his establishment buffoons are seemingly trying to set fire to the White House before they even get to the door. A third party won’t cut it this election. It would be great, but this time around it would just propel Barack Obama to a second term. As biased as the poll no doubt was, it still tells me that there are some angry Americans out there, and come 2012, some of them could be on the chopping block like so many Democrats were last November. If that’s the case, then so be it. The Republicans botched the debt ceiling debate. They botched the continuing resolution. They’re botching the upcoming presidential primary. Mitt? Hell, I saw that even Newt Gingrich was still in the race. Who’s running the RNC anyway? We see who’s running the house-we don’t need that party wide.

The biggest disaster that could occur is if Republicans perform so badly that people stay home next year. That would guarantee Obama victory. You can bet he’ll be pursuing the ethno vote, and calling on his pals at ACORN once again, and maybe even sprinkling the Black Panthers around some polling places. is that what the Republicans are going for? If so, they’re doing a heck of a job.

I’m going to be an optimist and suggest that the people will not stay home in 2012, but may just go out and replace some RINO’s that are not-and never were doing the job.

6 comments to Congress' Approval In The Gutter

  • It will be interesting to see how the turnout is in 2012 but I think the Republicans will still show up to vote, even if it is to vote more establishment Republicans out of office. The establishment still doesn’t get it so we need to get more Tea Party Republicans elected and I think that will motivate the Republican voters.

    • If today’s news about the credit rating of the U.S. doesn’t motivate people to show up, I don’t know what will. It remains to be seen though if Republicans can counter the certain attacks that it was all their fault. So far, they have withered under the rhetoric of the left. That is, all except the tea party Republicans.

  • I worry as well about the Senate. we need to make sure we get new faces, with a sincere wish to right the ship.

    • The good news is that we only need a few in the Senate. I don’t see the Republicans losing the house. If anything, they’ll gain seats.

  • You all have boots on the ground so you would know better than I. But from the outside looking in, I think the Tea Parties are going to an even bigger force in 2012 than they were 2010.

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