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Copenhagen Conference In Flames

Talk about your global warming. It’s getting hot over there, but not the way you think.

As world leaders, which include the likes of Hugo Chavez (keep that in mind), trudged through the 4 inches of new snow that fell in Copenhagen, the likelihood of any kind of agreement coming from the fraud conference is fading fast. As if the riots on the streets outside weren’t a bad enough omen for these goons, things got even dimmer inside.

The two biggest emissions polluters, the United States and China, not only can’t come to an emission cuts agreement, they can’t even have a civil discussion at this point. When the U.S. representative balked at sending money to developed countries, which includes China (figure that one out), China shot back angrily. After all, this is probably the only way China will ever recover their money. The odds of the U.S. actually paying China back is as about as good as the polar ice caps melting in 5 years. Well, if you ask Al Gore, I guess the odds are pretty good then. China doesn’t see it that way. We know that they aren’t talking about the climate at all; they’re talking about money.

“I don’t want to say the gentleman is ignorant,” Chinese Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei told reporters Friday, referring to top U.S. negotiator Todd Stern. “But I think he lacked common sense or he’s extremely irresponsible.” . . .

No deal happening there. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. There was also the now infamous Danish text leak, an agreement drafted by thus far unknown nations (like the United States, UK, and Denmark) that would put severe restrictions on CO2 ouput by developing nations. Well, Chavez and the boys don’t want any restrictions; they just want the money, and as a consequence of the specter of them having to jump through hoops to get it, many developing countries walked out of the conference.

Why not? The Danish head of the conference himself quit. The U.S. and China can’t get on the same page. Hillary is over there making promises that she isn’t even authorized to make, like pledging $100 billion to developing nations. Of course, with strings attached. Now we find that climate gate is even bigger than we thought. Of course it is. I’ve said it before; this is not about climate at all. These clowns are arguing over money. Our money. Looks like they won’t be able to divvy up the pot here though. You can be sure that they will be back though. This is tunnel vision Marxist driven psychotic agenda action. They will be back. Amusing to see them expose themselves as the frauds that they are though.

4 comments to Copenhagen Conference In Flames

  • This has been fun to watch! You are exactly right, this is just a bunch of countries holding their hands out and asking the United State and Britain for money. I guess they don’t realize that the United States doesn’t have any money left. That won’t stop Obama from spending anyway, it hasn’t stopped him yet.

  • Word coming out of Copenhagen now is that there has been an agreement reached between the United States, China, South Africa, India, and Brazil. I personally think it is a smokescreen to make them look good.

    • admin

      I think that they agree that they agree that they need to spend money. Obama doesn’t have anything to bring back to congress. Besides, Jim Webb told him “don’t even think about it.” They did leave quite a carbon footprint though. Do as I say not as I do I guess.

  • All that carbon footprint for what? These people are ridiculous.

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