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Crackdown on American Gun Buyers

I thought this was a joke, maybe an article from The Onion when I read it, but no. It was from the AP. Close enough. This could be seen as a tragic comedy, but there’s nothing funny about it.

Already caught red-handed smuggling guns to Mexican drug cartels, the Justice Department has not only refused to take responsibility for the international crime that would put the rest of us away for life, but they’ve also decided to punish American citizens for their efforts. The Justice Department is now requiring all guns shops in four border states to report high powered gun sales to them.

By high powered, I mean anything larger than a .22. In other words, if you want something larger than a Saturday Night Special, then Eric Holder wants your name. Yes it is ridiculous. The false logic is that they want a heads up on illegal weapons trafficking into Mexico. Apparently, Eric Holder thinks that a gun runner will go in and use their real name while buying armloads of automatic weapons. He knows that wouldn’t be the case. He’s been the overlord of Project Gunrunner for a few years now, so he knows damn well that’s the case.

But a rancher buying a shotgun for private use on his property is now the focus of the Justice Department. If they think this gives the illusion that somebody else was trafficking guns to Mexico, he’s in for a big surprise. Attempting to crack down on American gun buyers for the chance that it is they that would do exactly what the Justice Department was doing is the ultimate hypocrisy.

The speculation was out there that the whole Fast and Furious debacle was an effort to turn the screws on gun owners in the United States. It now appears that maybe that is part of their agenda. Quite an operation, considering the Democrats had two free years to pass draconian gun laws and failed to do so. So why this? A diversion? The gun crazed bogeyman angle?

I think it’s a cover for the failed operation. This story is just a way to try and perpetuate what the AP lapdog described their criminal operation.

The new policy comes amid criticism of a flawed federal probe aimed at dismantling large-scale arms trafficking networks along the Arizona border with Mexico.

Flawed? Just good intentioned folks screwing up an operation? This was intentional, and the operation went beyond Arizona, and even beyond Mexico. Purposely allowing guns to walk into the hands of drug cartels is not a flaw, it’s an outright criminal act. Eric Holder absolutely knew about the operation, and my guess is that his Muslim chief knew as well. They should both be fired at the minimum, and if there is any justice left in America, they should be imprisoned as well. We can’t even guess at the number of deaths-now and in the future will be the result of this criminal operation.

In the meantime, the Justice Department has turned their sites on us. It won’t work Eric. You’re toast. And as for your boss, I have no doubt that Darrell Issa has something even more special planned for him. You got caught. You and Obama have played your socialist hand, and when the regime collapses in 2012, there will be a purging of government so large that in theory, the 60’s radical crowd may be back to square one. In theory anyway.

Keep the heat on. I have no intention of letting Issa twist in the wind. He needs to know that the American people are on to this and demand justice. You’re toast Holder.

10 comments to Crackdown on American Gun Buyers

  • I had the same thought as you when I read that story this morning. I thought it had to be a joke but it isn’t. The audacity of these people is astounding; I know I have said it before but they keep amazing me. They sell the guns to Mexico and now they want to track law abiding citizens who purchase guns. Unbelievable.

  • I thought as well it was a joke. I am starting to think Obama knows or it was agreed (if one is into that point of view) to be a one term President and do as much damage as could be done. Perhaps he wants to move on to be President of the World via the U.N. In you mind fella.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if he vied for the secretary general job after being deposed here. He’d be right at home with the anti American loons at the U.N.

  • Graping at straws. I know the the gun -walker scandal is getting all that much play by the MSM, but I wonder if Obama and Holder get briefings on how much coverage it is getting on the Internet.

    • They know. Remember, Obama created a new czar to troll the internet looking for anti Obama patriots. I think they call him the terminator or something to that effect.

  • You are spot on here sir. If everyone recalls, the story was floated that all the violence in Mexico was cause by weapons imported from here. That was thoroughly debunked. Then, as if from no where, the government acts to prove that failed narrative correct.

    Coincidence? I doubt it.

  • Perhaps we need to take a closer look at Operation Gun Runner and what it will effect?

    What is this administration doing?

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