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Issa and Committee are Multi-tasking

Not only is Darrell Issa doing a heck of job as chairman of the House Government oversight Committee, he’s doing it on multiple fronts. While Fast and Furious may be the single most damning investigation on the agenda, this is a big country and a bloated bureaucracy, so Issa has much work to do.

It looks like we may see the first (and hopefully not the last) casualty of the Fast and Furious debacle in the form of acting ATF head Ken Melson. If Issa has anything to say about it, he will just be the first in a line of culpability that could lead all the way to the White House. We know he has already pegged Eric Holder as a liar, and it remains to be seen if Barack Obama himself will eventually be called to testify. Even with no media traction, there are enough independent sources out there that could make the MSM latch on to the story against their will.

While that investigation takes shape, Issa is looking into other matters. We’ve all heard about how the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) went fangs out after Boeing for daring to build a new plant in South Carolina. It is a job creator, and actually a working definition of spreading the wealth. No, the union soaked Washington plant did not lose any workers. In fact, hiring is going on there as we speak. Not good enough for them, or the NLRB though. The NLRB is looking into whether Boeing built a plant in a right to work state as political retaliation for union strikes. Never mind that Boeing actually increased the workforce in Washington. The unions there want all the work, and they have the NLRB, which is loaded with Obama appointees as an ally.

Issa was grilling one of the NLRB goons in a hearing, and asked if indeed the board was overloaded with Obama appointees. The guy affirmed that, and then Issa asked if he served at the pleasure of the president, much like Janet Napolitano at DHS. Well, the guy disagreed with that-supposedly. He apparently wants us to believe that he can act independently of Barack Obama and still keep his job. Issa knew it was a lie as well, but forced the guy to say it under oath.

So while the NLRB spends our tax dollars going after Boeing, Issa is looking to see whether they have a legitimate gripe, or are serving at the pleasure of the president. You know what Issa thinks, and he isn’t going to let this go. He’s not a judge though, so he can’t actually stop the NLRB, but he can provide substantive information gleaned from the hearings that perhaps Boeing could use to defend itself.

The house committee is looking into the TARP failure, the stimulus debacle, the housing debacle, and more. Issa is a busy man. The only thing I worry about is he may stretch himself too thin. But with so much that needs to be done, I can understand Issa trying to get to all of it. I hope he works well, and I hope he works fast, because the way the political winds blow, not only in the country, but in California where Issa hails, you can be sure he won’t be there forever.

8 comments to Issa and Committee are Multi-tasking

  • Thanks for the link, we need to hope that Issa doesn’t stop with this one resignation and I don’t think he will.
    The interesting thing about Boeing is that if you were to listen to the news you would think they are closing down the Washington plant and moving it to SC, which is not the case at all. They are expanding into SC and this will created jobs in a tough economy and the fact that Obama opposes this shows us where his true priorities lie.

    • Don’t forget, all the while Issa has Elijah Cummings stabbing him in the back.

      Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., and George Miller, D-Calif., ranking members of the Oversight Committee and the Education and Workforce Committee respectively, sent a formal complaint to Chairman Issa Wednesday saying the committee hearing had “serious potential for improper interference with a pending case” and showed a “disturbing disregard” for both Boeing’s and the NLRB’s due process rights.

  • Is California a swing state? Is that why Obama is working so hard for his union sheep?

    • Are you kidding? Cal is automatic Democrat. The Dems can count on those electoral votes without fail. Issa is just fortunate enough to come from a district that is conservative enough for him to survive an election. For now.

  • At the time they started to build, the NRLB had no problem, but it was the Obama installation of the NRLB that caused this action, years later. Thousands of employees are not able to work, and Boeing will not be able to deliver their dreamliner on time to contracted Businesses. I would say this was simply an extortion racket.

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