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Darrell Issa Enlists the Help of the American People

Darrell Issa is a busy man, and now he’s asking the American people directly to assist him. He wants to know from businesses around the country what Washington is doing to hold them back. He should get plenty of responses.

Issa, as head of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform already has Frank Guinta working on exactly what happened to the money that went to all those bailouts, and now he wants to know what government regulations are strangling businesses in this country. A site called has been set up to get feedback from American business. Companies can say what they want in their own words. The site is set up to accept documents, so whatever is on your mind, you can tell Issa, the way you would tell him.

After being ignored that last two years, this is a breath of fresh air. But even in the darkest days when Republicans had no power at all, Issa was hard at work. While James and Hannah were exposing ACORN with their undercover videos, Issa had already beaten them to it with a flaming report that tore apart that criminal organization. It fell on deaf ears at the time, but I think we can be reasonably assured that report will make its way back into the halls of Congress.

If there is one committee that Obama and his cronies should fear, it’s the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Issa and the boys can make life miserable for the Democrats the next few years, and quite possibly could expose a few RINO’s in the process. Getting the American people engaged in the process may end up being a brilliant tactical move before 2012 comes along. Working with the people as opposed to dictating to them sounds like a better way to garner some votes. The Democrats couldn’t figure this out before November, and they paid a price. My guess is that they’ll pay a price again in 2012, and if Issa has anything to say about it, November will have been just a warmup.

While Obama looks to put roadblocks across the path of every business, Issa is looking to remove them. Something has got to give, and all the weight seems to be shifting to the side of the American people. Keep up the good work Darrell. I’m sure the Dems will let us know exactly how good a job you’re doing.

12 comments to Darrell Issa Enlists the Help of the American People

  • Thanks for the link. This is great news, Darrell Issa is going to make good on his promise and the Obama regime had better be quaking in their boots. This is another great move as it counters Obama’s plan to replace business regulations with his own new regulations as directed in his recent Executive Order.

  • I couldn’t agree more that it is time that something gave way and it should break in favor of American companies and the jobs they can create. Everywhere we look, we can see new regulations and restrictions on the way companies are allowed to operate. I know some regulation may be necessary, but some of these go far past what should be considered good and proper. Hopefully, Darrell Issa will be able to accomplish his goal of removing some of these roadblocks.

    • I know you had some concerns that Issa might engage in some kind of witch hunt, LD, but so far, it looks like he’s taking a practical approach. I think the direction he’s going will expose some serious issues that congress as a whole will have no choice but to deal with.

  • I have no idea why I have not visited your site before, but I am deeply shamed for having waited so long. You have commented and visited mine and I sat by confusedly thinking you didn’t have one. My apologies my friend, I like the site and am adding it to my blogroll immediately. =)

    The more I hear about Mr. Issa the more I like. He is taking his job seriously, and is looking to do some serious good. It will be interesting to see what regulations the various businesses will come up with. From my personal experience, Sarbanes-Oxley is very cumbersome and worthless, as well as many of the OSHA regulations.

    • Glad you found me, fleeceme. Nice to know there are so many readable blogs out there that it will take some time to get to them all, isn’t it?

  • Jim

    This is great news. There is nothing politicians fear more than the voice of the people that are affected by their laws and regulations. Issa is effectively making an end-run around the Senate by going directly to the people. I wish more Republicans would use this tactic. It can be very effective.

    • I’m not sure all Republicans are on board with consulting with the American people. I’ve said before, they are not reformed-we’ve just given them a second chance.

  • Let the hearings begin! Oh, I have been waitng for this for two years! Our best chance of taking off the mask of this imposter.

  • I like this. But, being suspicious of all politicians, (as I should), we should make sure that this isn’t a platitude, and that the suggestions will not be ignored.

    So far, an “A” for the gesture. Let’s see where it goes.

    • A healthy skepticism is a good thing Matt. So far though, Issa looks sincere. Maybe his actions will start a trend. If they want my 2 cents, I’ll be happy to give it to them.

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