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Data Breach Even Worse Than Feared

Cash isn’t dead yet, and if there are any more data breaches it may once again become the primary medium of exchange in this country. Bad enough the government is after your personal information, but it is exacerbated by identity thieves around the world looking for that same information. Two peas in a pod, or one big happy family?

With the news that Target dropped the ball and allowed the private information of up to 70 million customers to fall into the hands of identity thieves, we now hear that Nieman Marcus was hit in a similar way. No surprise, the word is that other retailers were hit as well, but we don’t know who they are yet. How is it that date security is so lax, that just about anybody can be hacked? Is there so software, no company that can scan credit card transactions to verify if stolen information is being used? Of course there is, just ask the NSA.

The NSA is using the same kinds of tactics that identity thieves used to glean information. They of all organizations should know that it’s not that difficult to develop-or deploy software that can scan a retailers daily transactions and flag suspicious transactions. But that would cost money to a retailer, who would pass the cost on to the rest of us. The NSA on the other hand, could spend that money, because that’s the business they’re in. But the NSA can’t be trusted, so to have them looking for stolen data is like the proverbial fox guarding the henhouse. No doubt they would like to get their hands on the personal information of millions of Americans. After all, they’ve already shown their appetite for such info.

Who’s to say they don’t already have it? The feds say the data attacks originated in Eastern Europe. Does that mean randon hackers in Eastern Europe, or an NSA operation in the region? You have to consider the possibility. Look at it this way, if an administration like the Obama regime could get their hands on that kind of information, it would be easy to literally destroy the lives of their opponents. Would they do such a thing? I don’t know, why don’t we ask the IRS?

Sure, it’s all speculation at this point. We know that there are data thieves in Eastern Europe, and China has built a country on data theft. But we also know that the NSA is doing the exact same things, albeit for their own reasons. Your information may already be compromised. How would you like to wake up one day and find out that your bank account is empty and your 401k no longer exists? It can happen if a thief has all your information. And with these recent data thefts, they got all the information they needed. Now the Obama regime is compelling Americans to submit that same sensitive information to a website that they know is not secure. Well, if those retailers were using standard technology and still got hacked, imagine how easy it will be for a hacker to cull information from the Obamacare site?

We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t stop a goon in some basement from stealing the personal information of half the country? Really? Of course we don’t secure the border either. A random thought? Who do you think buys up that stolen data? I’m no security expert, but I will offer my services to the government or any retailer for that matter in order to design a more secure system of commerce. Although, no expert, I can guarantee that millions of citizens will not have their data stolen on my watch. All they have to do is stop doing what they’re doing now.

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  • GMTA…You know very well that if NSA can poke their noses wherever they want, they know who is hacking into these databases. Why are we paying the NSA to do anything? IMHO, their use is political. We should be using cash more often. But then, we wouldn’t buy so much junk that we don’t need, right?

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