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Death Panels Dropped One More Time

Remember, they just got caught trying to sneak this thing through. If they can find another way to insert it, they will. With Obamacare facing legal challenges from all quarters as it is, a macabre requirement that was dropped from the original bill has been killed off yet again. But as we have seen with other issues, nothing stays dead with this regime.

Paying off doctors to guide patients towards end of life decisions was as unpopular as Obamacare itself. It was removed from the bill, and at the time, it seemed like that was that. Enter Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, the original architect of the death panel provision. When it was inserted back in the form of Medicare guidelines, he took a proactive damage control approach. He warned his goons that there might be trouble if people noticed.

The e-mail continued: “Thus far, it seems that no press or blogs have discovered it, but we will be keeping a close watch and may be calling on you if we need a rapid, targeted response. The longer this goes unnoticed, the better our chances of keeping it.”

Well, people did notice, and apparently, Obama didn’t want the political liability hanging around his neck. He knows there are plenty of problems coming down the road in the form of Republican investigations of government malfeasance, and he doesn’t need this added to the mix.

This doesn’t mean the issue is dead. Not by a long shot. Medicare still has thousands of pages of regulations, and the language can be reworded and inserted back, possibly without being noticed. It’s part of Obama’s more than one way to skin a cat philosophy. He has no interest in compromise, and any time it appears that he has is because he has a plan B to get the rest of what he wants later. This is a perfect example. Taxes are another. Sure, it appears that he compromised with Republicans on the Bush tax cuts. Keep in mind, those cuts are just temporary, and if he’s reelected in 2012, you can be 100% sure they go up January 2013. Cap and trade is another. Can’t get a consensus in Congress? Use the EPA. Can’t pass amnesty? Block all attempts at enforcement. They’ll get it later and the prize will be much bigger then.

In all fairness, all presidents do the same thing, although maybe not to this extent. The problem here is that the federal government is assuming control over things they are not entitled to. You are free to discuss end of life options with your physician without a government stipend to encourage them to do so. If the feds want to control everything, then state laws and agencies should theoretically be obsolete. Government would shrink, Things would be streamlined-in theory. We see that this is not happening. Government is growing, rules and regulations are becoming more burdensome, and the cost of it all is skyrocketing.

There are so many laws, rules, decrees, regulations, statutes and the like that the average citizen is hard pressed to know if they are violating one of them. In other words, there’s a good chance that everyone is violating something. This leaves the government in a position of coming after you if they choose. If they choose. Fully implemented, we will have to depend on insurance companies to make sure that we aren’t violating any Obamacare rules. If they are, then we are. This is but one of those rules. What about the others? Are you going to spend the next six months pouring over that bill to see if you’re breaking any rules? Me either. Doctors have no choice. That is, if they want Medicare patients. Keep in mind, those rules can change, so even if you know it all now, that could change in the future.

Total control. If you don’t even know if you’re doing anything wrong, you are at the mercy of those that do.

10 comments to Death Panels Dropped One More Time

  • …:”but is pulling the language from the regulation because there wasn’t enough chance for all sides to comment on the change. “We did not think that the process (gave) the public an adequate space in a public comment period to debate these kinds of things,” Gibbs told reporters”.
    Not because “we think”, rather it was illegal. All rules must be posted via Federal Register,and given notice and it wasn’t. Great post!

  • This is certainly good news, but you are right, this is not dead yet. It will come back again and again until it is passed, and you can rest assured that the Obama regime is already looking at ways to sneak this through once again.

  • I did not know that Bunkerville. Maybe they were afraid someone would find out and call them on it. Illegal. File this under corrupt.

  • It’ll be back. Considering how they rammed through the bill, I’m surprised they just didn’t leave it in. They probably see that as a mistake now.

  • By the way, I saw this little tidbit in Wikipedia:

    The Federal Register is not small; for example, the 2008 Federal Register was 80,700 pages long.

    Talk about bloated government!

  • Jim

    80,700 pages? Who’s got that contract?

    When liberals negotiate and accept less then they wanted, it’s not over. They will always come back for more. They negociate again and again accept less than they wanted and the cycle continues. This is why it never pays to negotiate with them.

  • We’ll see if this congress has a clue and understands that Jim. You would think they realize that if they just did something right that the American people would be on their side.

  • I use to have to scan the Federal Register every day for anything that might impact my company. Think I will cook up a post on this pass the MSM is giving to the reason for withdrawal. It was not because they ever planned to withdraw this.

  • They sure do seem to want this, they’ll dust it off every time they need a distraction.

  • I hope they paid you well Bunkerville.

    It might be more than a distraction Matt. I think they realize that this thing is going to cost much more than they’re saying. This might be a key cost control measure.

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