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Democrats Sending Stimulus Money to China

We’ve all heard the horror stories of how the stimulus money was either wasted or has gone unspent, but this is a story of how it is being stolen, and the crooks go all the way to the White House.

As Harry Reid fought for his political life in last month’s Senatorial fight with Sharron Angle, he promised to bring 1000 jobs to Nevada in the form of a wind farm, that would be built by a Chinese company. It sounded too good to be true: A Chinese company actually bringing jobs to the United States. As it turns out, it was too good to be true This gets messy, stay with me here.

A company called A-Power Energy Generation Systems, a small Chinese company is bidding for $450 million of stimulus money to build a wind farm in Texas.They are seeking even more in loan guarantees from the Department of Energy. This invoked the ire of some in Congress, such as Chuck Schumer, who was outraged that stimulus dollars would potentially be used to create jobs in China. Yes, the Texas wind farm project would have the wind turbines built in China, creating an estimated 2800 jobs. The project would create about 40 in the United States. Yes. 40 jobs. How does this small Chinese company, that hasn’t built anything of note ever, come within arms reach of $450 million of stimulus funds? In fact, their website had faked pictures of turbines being sent to the U.S. It never happened. How does what appears to be a possible shell company come so close to this money? They turned to the Democrats.

A group of powerful, behind the scenes Democratic operatives are behind the scheme, and they stand to make millions off the deal. Cappy McGarr, who could be described as the George Soros of Texas is one of them. There is also Ted Cunningham, a former executive for several companies in China in recent years, and a 2002 Democratic candidate for Senator. He also happened to be on Barack Obama‚Äôs national finance committee. There are also a few lobbyists in on it. G. John O’Hanlon, a former lap dog for former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe, and Moses Boyd, a former Dem staffer, and current lobbyist. These clowns gave a ton of money to Obama in 2008, and it looks like they will be rewarded for the effort.

McGarr has visited the White House numerous times since Obama took office, but administration officials are refusing to say what was discussed. We’ll just use our imagination. We know that McGarr met with Pete Rouse, the acting Chief of Staff since Rahm Emanuel left. We know he went that far.

What’s in it for these guys? How about a $245 million developers fee. If they can twist arms in Washington and cut the deal, they stand to make a fortune. A-Power estimates the deal will end up being worth $2 billion in the end, so the $245m is a small price to pay. It will end up giving these guys a 51 percent stake in the wind farm, but they won’t have to actually invest anything but their time and lobbying skills. It is us that will come up with the money.

So what about that factory in Nevada? A-Power has no details. There is no plan on where to build it, and even where to sell the turbines if indeed they are actually build there. After all, that factory would be competing with the same Chinese company that is using slave labor to build turbines in China. It was good enough for Harry Reid though, and he heartily endorsed the deal. Sure he did; these guys lined his campaign coffers and may have put him over the top last month.

Check the link for details. It’s messy, and there are certainly more details that are not public knowledge. This is money that is being not only stolen, but shipped off to bolster the Chinese economy at the same time. Of course, we know that really, there are only a few that will actually benefit, but at the same time we know that none of the money will benefit the United States. We are being ripped off, and those that are handing out the money are in on it.

8 comments to Democrats Sending Stimulus Money to China

  • It certainly looks as if there is something shady going on here! We will probably never hear anything about this in the mainstream media however. If this was Haliburton there would be an uproar!

  • Perhaps WikiLeaks will reveal some of the nonsense… hated to say that. This is total nonsense. Same thing as us selling dozens of GM plants to China. It sucks.

  • It looks to me like the decline of the United States is engineered, not a natural process.

  • Jim

    I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy nut but there are so many things going on that the MSM are not covering that it’s hard to explain any other way. Liberal or not they need ratings or they need to sell newspapers and we all know that scandal sells. So what is the alternative explanation?

  • I actually found that story at MSNBC of all places. The story is out there, but it should be on the front page. You would think Fox would have been all over it.

  • I agree with your idea that our decline is being engineered. And, under Obama, the pedal has been pushed to the floor.

  • admin

    Right Matt, and he’ll be long gone when it ultimately manifests as the disaster that it is.

  • Okay, it’s bad enough that we had the stimulus in the first place. Could they at least show a semblance of patriotism and keep in in the country? It seems like that is the least they could do.

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