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Democrats The Voice of Reason?

Now before apoplexy sets in, it was this article that couched this as a Republican/Democrat issue, and that’s how I’ll tear it apart. We know that Republicans have consistently done everything in their power to avoid being the party in power, and this is just one more misstep from the RINO’s that run the party.

The countries of Canada and Mexico, two arms of the North American Union are hopping mad that the United States has dared to makes its own laws and sought to protect and inform its citizens. The two countries went to the WTO to protest labeling laws in the U.S., or COOL (country of orgin labeling) regulations that required retailers to label the origin of meat, from where the animal was born, to where it was raised, and ultimately where it was slaughtered.

Canadian beef and pork industries say the rules add to expenses and have cut livestock exports, driving some farmers out of business and costing them more than $1 billion a year

Billion dollar labels? Where can I invest in that label company? If Canada and Mexico get their way, you will have no idea where that steak came from. The first thing that comes to mind is China. No idea where it came from, how it was raised, what it was injected with-or even if it is what they say it is. As it stands now, we do know, but it is the Republicans that may change all that. According to the cited article, Republicans are looking to repeal those consumer choice/protection laws as early as this week. Think Boehner and McConnell. If true, this is right on the heels of Republicans shamelessly pushing Obama’s Tran-Pacific trade agreement. The contents of that agreement are apparently top secret, because the public has no access to the details. This could give us a clue as to at least some of that agreement. Another post for sure.

When you go out to a restaurant, you have no idea if the meat they’re serving is domestic, or some kind of a Chinese concoction. Did you ever ask yourself how it was cheaper to ship seafood and chicken from halfway around the world rather than produce it domestically? If that isn’t a red flag, then none of this is an issue. Countries want to dump their garbage in the United States while we ship out the best we have. You already see it with the fruit. The fertile farmlands of Central California produce some of the finest fruits and vegetables in the world, yet at the supermarket all I see is product of Equador, or product of Mexico. Why, how can it possibly make sense to merry-go-round food like that. Even worse, it’s the United States that ends up with the crap from countries with marginal food safety standards. Just to remind you, it’s the RINO’s in congress that are backing Obama’s TPP trade agreement. Already countries are backing up their garbage trucks to the United States, and we have a bi-partisan effort to make sure it happens.

As far as the Dems being against the WTO laying down the law for America, it turns out the article cites one Democrat that is in opposition, Collin Peterson. He may be the only Dem currently aware of this issue. Think of the clown show on the left. That might be accurate.

Canada and Mexico threaten a trade war unless the United States bends to their will. I say bring it on. With the money we save not buying Mexican beef, we can fund a border fence. Si se puede. But the reality is, we know that will never happen. We can guess what will happen. And if those laws are indeed repealed, it will be yet another painful reminder that the United States of America is something that once was, to go down in history as yet another empire that committed suicide.

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  • They are doing it. You have to wonder why the lunatics are running the country rj. Rome is burning and Nero and gang of both left and right are playing and partying at the expense of the citizen. We are so cooked.

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