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Deviant Lawmakers Targeting California Children

California has become the gutter state of the country, and for anyone that thinks they are safe living in other states, guess again. California due to its size has the most representatives of any state trolling the halls of congress. California children are under assault by some of the most depraved minds in the country, and your state could easily be next.

The overwhelmingly Democrat California legislature has approved a bill that will allow k-12 students to choose what gender they want to be on a particular day and to use facilities and engage in activities as they see fit. AB1266 would allow children…up through high school to use restrooms, locker rooms, and play sports that are normally segregated. The bill was apparently constructed by-who knows, but it was taken and rammed through by a senator by the name of Mark Leno.

Non-Californians-and many natives may not have heard of this guy. He is a staunch gay rights advocate. Well fine, live and let live, but what kind of gays is this guy actually advocating for? Let’s look at his record. He was opposed to a tough law that would ban child sex offenders from living less that 2000 feet from a school or park. He thought the law would make it too difficult for those poor sexual deviants to find a place to live. And he is in full support of what those deviants do. He supported a bill that would allow up to 25 pieces of child porn on your computer without penalty. You saw that right. A little child porn on your computer is not a crime to this guy. He also championed a bill that allows a child to have more than two parents. That is correct. If somebody else stakes a claim to your child they could conceivably become a parent, the same as you.

Do you notice the common thread here? All of these bills specifically target children and all of them are sexual in nature, save the parenting bill. At least on the surface. For Leno, if a gay couple has designs on your kid…

Now we have the confused gender law that will no doubt be abused. The Republican argument was that testosterone fueled teen boys will be flooding girls’ locker rooms across the state, completely protected by state law. But Republicans do not have the numbers to stop this, and governor Jerry moonbeam Brown is expected to sign this into law.

So far, not a peep from the California electorate. In fact, it was that same electorate that gave Democrats an overwhelming majority in the legislature, effectively making Republicans obsolete. As a result, California children are going to get the Kevin Jennings treatment, and there is nothing we can do about it. I’ve said it before, this is what the people want.

California was once one of the great economic powerhouses of the world, with her economy larger that most countries. The schools were some of the finest in the land and and living here was cheap and enjoyable. That’s all gone now. A gutter, bottom of the barrel state, and as the population grows, that means more representatives in Washington. That means they’ll be coming for your children next.

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