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Dictator Obama Exposed

Obama the dictator, Obama’s imperial presidency, Obama ignoring the law, ignoring the Constitution. The left has written off such memes as political attacks from the right. But it was only a matter of time before somebody on the left slipped up and validated the obvious. That time is now.

There are plenty of nuts that reside in the big tent of the Democratic party, but few more rabid than the open borders lobby. A subgroup of them, the reconquistas may be the nuttiest of the bunch. The poster boy of that faction would congressman screwy Luis Gutierrez, the Chicago based Mexican amnesty agent. He is so bent on amnesty that he just can’t keep his race based hatred of America in check. His ultimate solution for the country is all Latino, all the time. Standing in the way of his dream of amnestia are the house Republicans, held accountable by the American voters who put them in office. But, as Barack Obama said, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. If Gutierrez is to be believed, Obama plans on doing a lot more skinning.

Speaking on MSNBC (where else?), Gutierrez exposed the dictator-in-chief for what he is. Thanks for the confirmation Lou.

“The president kept saying, ‘Oooh, I’m not a dictator, I can’t unilaterally do this, Congress has to act,’” the congressman began. “You know what he said? But he didn’t say that when we met with him three, four weeks ago.”

Already, Homeland Security and the Commmerce Department are colluding to relax the rules for H-1B visa holders which would allow them and their families to stay in the country beyond normal visa limits. For anybody unfamiliar with the H-1B program, it allows companies to import the best and brightest of foreign workers into the United States to fill jobs that cannot be filled by Americans. The reality of the program is that many of the largest companies, and by default the biggest users of the program exploit those workers they bring in, paying them less money and cutting the American worker out of the picture altogether.

But that isn’t the part of immigration reform Gutierrez cares about. Back in 2009 Gutierrez submitted H.R. 4321, an amnesty bill the gutted virtually all border-and internal enforcement. What “enforcement” was still in place was so restrictive that it could not actually be called enforcement. In other words, the line that separates the United States from Mexico would have been completely erased and those crossing the border would have had the benefit of being treated differently from other criminals, with border agents being required to take sensitivity training so as not to offend any illegal aliens.

Obviously that bill did not make it through congress, but it is still out there and if Luis Gutierrez has anything to say about it will make a comeback. In the meantime, he’s depending on his Memin Pinguin in the White House to obliterate immigration law by executive fiat.

With the antics of John Boehner in the last week, Gutierrez and the rest of his reconquista cohorts have a glimmer of hope that amnesty can be rammed through congress this year. But even if that turns out to be a pipe dream, they have their ace-in-the-hole: Dictator Obama.

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