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Did Muslims Discover America?

Of course not. But now that it is clear that America is not the country it once was, there are those that want to stake a claim to it. We know that there are significant number of Hispanics that feel this is their land, which was once part of the mythical Aztlan. There is the leftist/Marxist crowd who have always been here, but needed decades to infiltrate the media and every major institution they could get their hands on. They’ve succeeded. Now they feel they own the joint. They could make a case. Now we have Islam, buoyed by the Obama aided conquest by the Muslim Brotherhood of the beleaguered Middle East claiming it is they, who were the first to land on these shores.

And who better to promote this myth than the Muslim Brotherhood proxy CAIR. Well, we do have a First Amendment, and the criminals over at CAIR exploit it every chance they get. Co-founder Nihad Awad told a Saudi media outlet that there were accounts that that indicate Muslims landed in America long before Columbus. Of course Awad has nothing to back this up, but then Barack Obama had nothing to back up his false assertions during his now infamous Cairo speech. Barry claimed that Muslims invented everything from the compass to Algebra then. For the record, the Chinese and the Greeks.

Apparently, this is part of a camapaign launched by CAIR to encourage Muslim immigration to the United States.

Awad’s claim is part of a broader campaign by Islamist groups to encourage Muslims to settle in the United States and Europe. From 610 to 632, Islam’s founder, Mohammad, reputedly urged his followers to spread Islam by both conquest and emigration.

When you’re talking about the kind of Islam that Awad espouses, conquest and emigration goes hand in hand. Oklahoma will tell you. SQ755 is just a high profile issue. CAIR’s filthy hands have been very busy using our own system against us in order to inflict Islam on what was once a free country. Unfortunately, when these kinds of movements gain steam, the inevitable casualty is the truth.

What the activist Muslims, the reconquistas, the commies and everybody else that are staking claim to what belongs to others are ignoring is that the first humans to land in America came long, long before Columbus or any phantom Muslim sailors. The Solutrean Hypothesis has been proven, and it looks as though peoples from what is now Europe were here first. That should should make heads explode all over Aztlan.

That doesn’t matter though. Well, it shouldn’t matter who set foot here first because those folks are long gone and none of them founded this country. Awad understands this but it doesn’t matter. He has another agenda: The Shariaization of America. Since Eric Holder refuses to prosecute Awad and his criminal enterprise he has free reign to pursue his goal. Having a friend and fellow worshiper in the White House doesn’t hurt either. The racists have their plan, the Alinskyites have theirs and on and on. Never mind that misery, failure and ultimately an escape to places such as America was the only cure for these social ails. Unfortunately there are many that bring that misery and failure with them and in turn attempt to undermine the American values that drew them here in the first place. We can use Islam as a bleary example of that hypothesis.

Don’t expect this trend to subside. We have a melting pot president. Less American, less constitutional, less white-and I only bring that up because it is so important to Obama and the left to dilute what is already here and ironically become what they claim to be so vociferously against. Ethno-politics has always been the bastion of the left, although Republicans are increasingly jumping on that bandwagon.

Well, who knows, maybe we’ll import that next compass inventor. That’s what CAIR would have you believe. Awad and his ball point jihadists will be bringing something invented all right, Allah willing.

2 comments to Did Muslims Discover America?

  • Didn’t Obama also claim Muslims played a vital role in space travel? There is no doubt all these different groups are trying to recast our founding by teaching lies as thruths and by not teaching our children the founding principles. And there is also no doubt this is being done on purpose because the left want to fundamentally transform America and that requires an electorate without knowledge of our founding principles.

    • rjjrdq

      Well, he did hand NASA over to Islam. The thing is, none of these groups could get any traction without substantial help. And they’re getting it.

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