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Diversions Abound Ahead of Midterms

With all the gifts handed to the Republicans in the form of Obama regime gaffes and scandals the outlook in 2014 and 2016 should be rosy for them. Not this Republican party. They have an uncanny ability to not only shoot themselves in the foot, but to leave those aforementioned gifts on the table. Changing the subject is usually an effective tactic, and that’s exactly what is being employed.

The Obama regime will not be able to prevent a congressional committee from investigating the Benghazi affair, but with the media on their side they can divert attention, and at the same time motivate their base to show up in November. Obama spoke today to a gaggle of congressional ethno hustlers and their supporters, imploring them to pressure Republicans to support comprehensive immigration reform (amnesty). The fact that the Democrats refused to even bring an amnesty bill up to a vote when they had both chambers of congress was not mentioned. He did have some odd things to say though, coming from an American president. He said that we remember those brave fighters in Pueblo all those years ago and the generations of Mexicans and Americans that have sustained us ever since. Maybe Barry is unfamiliar with what happened down in Mexico with the French. Those brave fighters (and I’m sure they were) pissed off the French and Mexico ended up getting their asses handed to them as a result. It took the United States to restore order. Napoleon wanted no part of us. Who sustained who Barry?

He talked about the senate gang of 8 bill that would bestow amnesty on just about anyone who raised their hand. In true Obama style he used that disastrous piece of legislation to tout rewarding those who play by the rules. You can’t make this up. Apparently Obama can.

Now we have the race issue rearing its politically advantageous head. Remember the outrage at George Zimmerman until they found out he wasn’t white? Well, they’ve found a new bogeyman in Donald Sterling. Cliven Bundy just wasn’t getting the traction. The every day Justice Department battle cry of whitey sucks was getting even less traction. That is unless they were aiming their guns at you.

Today another prong in the arsenal was unleashed. Yahoo news is littered with stories of global warming, with warnings that this is it, and it could be, and likely, and future consequences and experts warn dotting the propaganda articles. How do we know it’s propaganda? We have the evidence. Everybody has the evidence. But the whole idea of propaganda is not to get to the truth, but to steer thinking in certain direction. If one is already pointed in that direction, propaganda is a very effective tool.

Immigration is a huge issue. The biggest one in my book. But instead of working to resolve this issue, the Obama regime had made it worse with executive amnesty orders. Homeland Security is just a sham at this point. Race is an issue. The regime has made it more of an issue than it was. They are stoking the fires. Just ask the Black Panthers. Climate change is an issue, but a contrived one. We know the data was faulty, we know it’s all about wealth redistribution, but we go back to what I have said in previous posts: There are those that want to believe it’s true.

Those are the tactics of this regime just this week. They have years of scandals and overall buffoonery that any competent foe would use to tear them apart. The key phrase is competent foe. Republicans have not shown themselves to be much better than the pack of dolts that were kicked out of congress in 2008. Maybe Trey Gowdy will get somewhere with this Benghazi inquiry. But if Darrell Issa came up empty handed it’s hard to believe that Gowdy will do any better. The Obama regime is counting on that.

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