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DOJ Defends Voter Fraud In Florida

Keep in mind these are the same folks that cried foul with the hanging chad fiasco. There will be election fraud this fall, and the feds are going to make sure of it. I’ve spoken before about the numbers of illegal aliens that vote in this country, and you can be sure all of them will vote Democrat. That doesn’t bode well in a state like Florida, where the illegal alien population is among the top tier in the nation. The feds are using existing law to make sure those voters stay on the rolls, and at the same time stonewalling any attempts to remove them.

In an effort to facilitate some semblance of free and fair elections, governor Rick Scott has begun a search of potential ineligible voters in the state of Florida. So far, as many as 182,000 voters may be ineligible. Certainly enough to swing an election in Florida. This got the attention of the Justice Department, and they are ordering Florida to put a stop to it.

Apparently, what Florida is doing violates federal law. Or at least it may. Five counties in the state are still subject to the Voting Rights Act of 1965. This would require them to get federal approval to make any kind of election changes, due to past discriminatory actions. But this does not apply to the entire state. Maybe it violates federal law, maybe not. There may also be an issue with removing voters-even non-eligible ones apparently from the rolls less than 90 days from a federal election. Florida primaries are scheduled for August. Again, maybe a violation, maybe not.

Another issue is the resources Florida has available to actually check the status of potential voters. Right now, all they can do is compare driver licenses to voter registration lists. A much more effective way to be to get access to a federal immigration database to double check. This would clear up any potential questions as to the validity of Florida’s list of ineligible voters. Florida has requested access, and the Obama regime responded as if they were going to lose thousands of potential fraudulent votes in the state.

A Department of Homeland Security official said Thursday that the federal agency is aware of Florida’s request but that there a “number of legal and operational challenges” to granting the state access.

Florida has since been told they are not permitted to access the database. To sum it up, there are fraudulent voters on the rolls in Florida, the Justice Department is ordering the state to leave them on the rolls, and the Department of Homeland Security is denying the state access to a database that would confirm who these people actually are. If these illegal aliens registered to vote are living in the shadows, then the federal government is the one casting that shadow, and a protective one at that. Si se puede.

Mitt Romney will not only have to win Florida in November, but he’s going to have to win by a wide margin if he plans on becoming president. Of course, the final tally will show a tight race, but known ineligible voters are going to skew those numbers, and have a very good chance of handing the state to Obama, and thus another four years to him. Rick Scott tried to do something about this, but the question is why did he wait so long? This kind of thing must have been going on for years. Why wait until Holder and his goons could actually cite law to block him? And he should have known that there was no way in hell he was getting access to that federal database.

If this is happening in Florida, you can be sure it’s happening in other states. I can tell you it’s happening in California, and you can probably add Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Illinois and New York to that list as well. All of them with a significant number of electoral votes. Romney can’t spare that many states, and obviously, the Obama regime is aware of that. No doubt they are ready to challenge any state that attempts to have a fair, honest election. But to the ends justifies the means regime in power now honoring the laws of a land you are trying to dismantle just wouldn’t make any sense from an Alinskyan point of view. If Romney wins in November-no matter what the official numbers say, you can be sure that it translates into an ass-kicking. The question is, does those kinds of numbers still exist in this country?

7 comments to DOJ Defends Voter Fraud In Florida

  • We have had some unscrupulus AGs in the past; but none as blatant as Eric Holder. State can’t have voter ID laws and now they can’t remove from ther rolls the dead, the moved out-of-state and, illegal aliens. I hope Florida stands up to Holder. It would at least force Holder to explain why keeping ineligible voters on the rolls is the right thing to do.

  • Unfortunately in this case Jim, Holder might actually be able to use the law that ignores so often to block Florida from purging its voter rolls of ineligible voters. The irony of it all.

  • There is no doubt that Eric Holder has done all he can to stop Florida from purging the rolls. Florida has been trying for nine months to do this and the DOJ stonewalled long enough to ensure Florida fell into violation of the law. Florida is the key state in the election and Obama wants to make sure as many illegals as possible are allowed to vote. Romney is fighting an uphill battle and I am not sure he can pull it off.

    • admin

      Well, Bush found a way, however controversial, but I’m thinking even the 2000 election shouldn’t have been that close. If the rolls were purged every four years we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Seems so sensible, doesn’t it?

  • I smell a lot of fear. DOJ is already walking on pins and needles. I foresee these people becoming more dangerous by the day as they become more concerned about saving their seats.

  • With Walker’s win, this is going become a very nasty race. I would go as far as saying dangerous. This guy will put Holder on the chopping block or anyone else that he believes is expendable.

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