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DOJ Targets City of Lancaster

Good luck to the city of Lancaster. Arizona had the nerve to stand up to the hyper-criminal Justice Department and got no backup whatsoever, so the odds of this city getting their proverbial heads handed to them unfortunately looks like a real possibility.

The city of Lancaster California has been under attack from the Justice Department for some time, but Eric Holder and his goons are upping the intensity, all in the name of social justice. After only a week in that city “investigating,” the Justice Department has concluded that Lancaster has systematically discriminated against low income African-Americans and Latinos. Specifically those receiving Section 8 housing assistance.

The settlement demand comes after a DOJ investigation concluded “some Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department personnel in the Antelope Valley engage in a pattern or practice of unconstitutional and unlawful policing regarding stops, searches, seizures, excessive force, and discriminatory targeting of voucher holders in their homes.”

Apparently, the Sheriff’s Department did nothing to minorities that were not receiving the assistance. As a result the Justice Department has concluded that Lancaster should pay $12.5 million dollars to non-white Section 8 recipients or risk being sued and put under a consent decree.

Apparently, the Sheriff’s Department is the alleged culprit, they being the ones patrolling the area. Yet Eric Holder feels that the city should somehow pay for something that not only has not been proven, but has not even been litigated at any level. Lancaster mayor Rex Parris thinks the whole thing is a bunch of crap and refuses to be extorted by a department that should be under a consent decree themselves.

Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris said his city should not bear any of the burden.

“I hope the county pays it because that would be an incredibly uplifting event for our economy,” he said. “But I guarantee you that Lancaster is not going to pay 2 cents.

Parris sees what this is, and the fact is, so does everyone else. Not that long ago the Justice Department was beating Lancaster over the head with charges of withholding section 8 vouchers for those same low income minorities. The charges fell on deaf ears since 86 percent of those vouchers go to…those same low income minorities. That scheme didn’t work, and now the JD has resorted to this. Unfortunately, all the JD has to do is to have a single judge rule their “case” is valid and Lancaster will be on the hook for millions, with the cost of defending themselves piled on top.

Lancaster is facing what Arizona is enduring, but it will be much more painful for this struggling city. And they are struggling. Either give free money to non-whites-and that is only people they are talking about, or face a court battle that could have devastating consequences for the city. Kudos to mayor Parris for standing up to them. He realizes that for the city to come up with that kind of money would be a fiscal disaster so he’s chosen to stand and fight.

Things don’t look good for Lancaster, and truth be told, things haven’t looked good there for a while. But then, what has the Justice Department done that has improved anything for anybody? Nothing. The last thing an economically depressed, high crime city like Lancaster needs is the Justice Department picking their pockets. You might as well die with your boots on Lancaster, because these goons have targeted you and are not going to go away. Arizona will tell you. Go down swinging.

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