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DREAM Act Amnesty Dies Again

Like a Friday the 13th sequel, it was killed yet again, but we know it will be back. Harry Reid tried to ram this through on a weekend, hoping that the opposition wouldn’t show up. Not only did they show up, but members of his own cabal helped strike it down. For now.

The DREAM Act, a backdoor amnesty that was written in such a way as to invite massive fraud was struck down in the senate with the help of a few Democrats. Reid had several different versions of the bill. Apparently, he chose the one that would be most damaging to the country. The bill was highly unpopular with everyone except the Hispanic illegal aliens it would have benefited. Many of them were in the senate gallery, out of the shadows and rooting for rewarding criminal behavior. In fact, there was no outrage on the part of anyone except those that crowned themselves representatives of all people of Hispanic origin.

According to advocates of the amnesty, an estimated one million illegal aliens would have been put on a path to citizenship. The dubious verification process would no doubt put that number much higher. This was comprehensive amnesty, cloaked as a humanitarian gesture for the children. In fact, most amnesty advocates saw this as a mere downpayment for broader border obliteration. Harry Reid would even agree with that, but then this had nothing to do with humanitarianism for him. He was looking for future voters, as other Democrats that voted for it were.

It was defeated this time, but only by five votes. How much longer can this thing be fought off? As anti-American, pro reconquista demographics continue to shift as we speak, it’s only a matter of time before fraudulently elected senators and representatives give the foreign interests what they ask for. The border is still wide open, voter fraud is as easy as mailing in a ballot, and there is an entire party dedicated to making sure the border is erased. Mexican citizens will now be allowed to bypass TSA screeners at the airport and fly right by American citizens. When that comprehensive deal rears its head again, there will be millions more illegal aliens in the country, many of them already voting by mail.

This was a good jab in a 12-round fight. It is far from over. I’ve said before that these people will never give up; for many, such as reconquista Luis Gutierrez, his only function is obliterating American borders. We’ve already lost California. Nevada and Arizona are on the ropes. If people sneaking into this country were coming to live and be Americans, that might change the face of this issue. They are not. Just a matter of time.

8 comments to DREAM Act Amnesty Dies Again

  • I wish I could argue with you and prove that this won’t happen again, but I can’t find the basis to do that. As long as Harry Reid or someone like him is in a position of authority, the DREAM Act will be back. Like you said, they don’t give up easily.

  • This was a great victory for us but you are right, this is not going to go away forever. With the new Congress in session it may be dead for awhile, but this bill has a bad habit of coming back time and time again.

  • wow- tried to comment but was forbidden is so says.. here goes again.. did I get the math wrong? hehehhe Math is hard for me.!12 and 3.. I can do this I think.

  • Let’s not forget the RINO’s that voted for this thing:
    Republicans who voted to advance the bill were Sens. Bob Bennett of Utah, Richard Lugar of Indiana and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

    Sorry Bunkerville. The little math question wipes out the spam bots.

  • Jim

    Wouldn’t it be nice if our political elites thought about what is best for America once in a while instead of what is best for them politically.

    Reid, Pelosi, Franks,, should be brought-up on charges of crimes against humanity. I volunteer to be judge, jury and executioner.

  • admin

    Get in line Jim, we all want a shot at them.

  • kevin

    If you wrote with less emotion and ignorance, maybe I could believe you were a RATIONAL human being.

  • Less emotion huh? Thanks for the tip kev.

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