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Eric Cantor Deposed

This is a shot across the bow for those Republicans that think supporting amnesty will further their political ambitions. The house majority leader thought he could get away with it until the waning days of primary season. He was wrong. The people have spoken and establishment Republicans are reeling.

In what is being called a stunning upset, so-called tea party challenger Dave Brat crushed house majority leader Eric Cantor in the Virginia primary that has left the good old boy network in shambles. Brat garnered more than 55 percent of the vote and it didn’t seem that close. Welcome to the real world Eric. If you suck, you’ll be fired, just like the rest of us. Brat is now in line to face the Democrat challenger, who will no doubt try to brand him as some kind of extremist nut. Well, Cantor suggested that. Go ahead Dems.

The media is portraying this as a referendum on immigration reform. Cantor galavanted across the country with vituperative racist reconquistador Luis Gutierrez last year in an effort to shove amnesty down the throats of the American people. What the brazen Cantor didn’t realize at the time is that he was sealing his own fate. Sealing complete.

Almost immediately, establishment talking heads like Brit Hume over at FOX blasted the win by Brat, warning that Barack Obama was now going to use executive orders to continue the amnesty tidal wave. News flash for the news guy Hume: Obama is already doing that, giving the dreamers a free pass, attacking individual states with a frenzy not seen in any other administration, and refusing to deport children which has created the current out of control wave of illegal immigration. According to the likes of Hume, if Republicans didn’t get on board with some kind of amnesty plan, Obama would implement some kind of amnesty plan. No, it didn’t make any sense to me either.

Brat won the biggest prize tonight, but other establishment Republicans fell as well. This is bad news for the good old boys, and even worse news for Democrats. Remember 2010? It’s starting to look very similar in 2014. As far as Obama using the pen to cement his dictatorship, he was going to do that already. It can’t get worse than it is now. The current crop of Republicans in Washington have proven since 2010 that they are not capable of opposing the destructive policies of obama at all. Sure, there are a few, but the likes of John Boehner and Eric Cantor did everything in their power to try and stifle them. Cantor, with the backing of the powerful establishment thought he could slap around the upstarts, and by default the American people, and he found out the hard way that when awakened, the people have power. Beware John Boehner, you may be next. Even if you aren’t, you may have to actually bend to the will of the people. Obama could potentially be in same boat as Boehner. Not with the current house makeup. Well, it will look a bit different with Dave Brat around. Apparently, he won’t be alone. Let’s hope this next group has bigger stones than the last.

Sure, Dave Brat is just one guy, but the guy he knocked off speaks volumes. My only regret tonight is that Lindsey Graham fended off six other primary challengers to almost guarantee another six years for him in the senate. He split the vote. Had a Dave Brat kind of challenger went up against him one on one, who knows what may have happened. It may happen to some of his pals though.

A glimmer of hope. We’re down, no doubt about that, but apparently not out. I’ve said before that at this point, just slowing the decline would suffice. Dave Brat & co. may do just that.

7 comments to Eric Cantor Deposed

  • The establishment Republicans had better wake up fast! We have Boehner and now Ryan pushing amnesty, they had better rethink that position now. As for Obama using EO to push amnesty; where has Brit Hume been over the last few months?

  • I caught Brit Hume the other night talking about the group he works with that is now housing some of these children. He could not be more supportive of how wonderful they were and compared them to the Vietnam refugees and how great it was for America. Other than that, a good day indeed.

    • Perhaps everyone of those children should be left on Eric’s doorstep with a signed legal document stating that he will support them personally (without using government money)?

    • Maybe we should just let the likes of him keep on talking. Cantor talked himself out of a job, so maybe Hume could do the same.

      • RJ, that is is a fabulous idea. The more that they blab, the more disgust they create by showing their true intent. Yes, that is a good thing. Let them keep on yappin’.

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