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Eric Holder Urges Defiance Of The Law

How Eric Holder has managed to stay out of prison almost defies logic. Almost. On the contrary, while breaking every law he can find and flat out ignoring the ones the doesn’t care about he’s decided to spread his message of constitutional contempt across the nation. He’ll start off by asking nicely though.

Delivering his best Cloward-Piven beatdown to attorneys general from across the nation, Eric Holder spoke at the National Association of Attorneys General Winter Meeting this week and implored those that would uphold the law to ignore it as they saw fit. He was referring the states’ bans on gay marriage and told the lawmen that they should not defend those kinds of laws if they believe them to be unconstitutional.

This is classic Holder. Remember, it was he who refused to defend DOMA, using the same reasoning. Sure, the Supreme Court gutted some of the law, but keep in mind it was the same SCOTUS that said Obamacare was a tax, not an unconstitutional law. ‘Nuff said. Newsflash for Eric Holder. It isn’t up to him to decide what laws are constitutional and which ones aren’t. His job is to uphold the law, and his record speaks for itself. If he isn’t outright breaking laws, he’s violating his oath of office by not defending others. Now he has the gall to ask other attorneys general to do the same. So far, he has a few Democrats that are following his lead like infatuated puppies. Holder would like us all be such puppies, and at this time he’s using his reasoning in an effort to make it happen.

So what happens when law enforcement decides what laws they will defend? Well, we can look at Mexico and see it on a country wide scale. We can look at the border and see the results of selective enforcement. We can look at Arizona and see what Holder will do to a state when their laws don’t fit his agenda.

This may be a warning shot to the states. Roll over or face the wrath of the Justice Department. Various states, school districts and private companies can attest to the fecrocity of the JD when they have their sites set on you. All this coming from an attorney general that sold automatic weapons to drug cartels and then lied to congress about it. This is the guy that threatened hell on earth to police and fire departments across the country unless they lowered their standards to allow the unqualified to compete. This is the guy that slobbered all over himself apologizing to radical Muslim groups on hearing the news that the Justice Department was too aggressive in scrutinizing local mosques. And he is the one that decided DOMA was a non-law.

Unbelievable. A murderous, Blank Panther loving radical criminal is telling attorneys general to flout not only the law, but the will of the people that passed such laws. But then, Holder doesn’t care about the law, or people. He’s just another regime goon who ignores the very constitution he claims to be citing. A recurring theme in the Justice Department.

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