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FDA Declares Cheerios A Drug

That’s right, your government looking out for you.

In the latest bit of lunacy coming from the government (is it the latest? Hard to keep track), the FDA, who sits idly by while China ships in tons of poisonous food and other unsafe products has gone after the makers of Cheerios for daring to claim that the benign cereal may actually help lower cholesterol. This is not a joke. Get with your doctor; you may need a prescription to have breakfast in the near future.

Tell me big pharma is not behind this. I haven’t seen evidence of that, but who else would attack Cheerios?

This may be part of a broader strategy. The dietary supplement industry is a billion dollar+ a year industry. That’s bad news for drug companies, whose pill for every ill philosophy does not include food that may actually mitigate potentially serious health conditions. These are the same companies that have created drugs that the FDA signed off on, later having to grudgingly pull those drugs off the market because so many people were sickened or died after taking them. Hey, whatever, stuff happens, right? But look out for those Cheerios though. What’s next, an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Who knows, apple farmers may have to come up with some double-blind studies to continue making that claim. Our tax dollars at work.

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