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Feds Get Parachutes for Fiscal Cliff Dive

While the buffoons in Washington continue to battle over how much of our money they want to take, the so-called fiscal cliff promises to take a little something from everybody. Well, almost everybody. If you happen to be one of those that are actually responsible for taking the country to this precipice, Barack Obama has a late Christmas present for you: A raise.

For the portion of the country that actually pays taxes, January 1st will mean that smaller paychecks. For those that do not, the fiscal cliff is little more than a surreal news story, happening to folks far, far away. Barack Obama has made sure that some, if not a complete buffer from higher taxes, will at least have the blow softened to some degree. An executive order signed by Obama would effectively end the federal pay freeze the coming fiscal year, allowing pay increases for everyone from the vice-president to congress. Yes, the same congress that are utterly incapable of coming to some kind of agreement that would avert a tax increase for the rest of us.

While we are looking at potentially thousands of dollars in tax increases, clowns like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and committee purging John Boehner will actually see their paychecks fatten. Add this to the perks that congress enjoys, including their Cadillac health plans, inside information on potential stock prices, real estate development deals and everything else that would land the rest of us in jail and you have a group of goons in Washington that understandably (from their viewpoint) have no sense of urgency at all to avoid going off the fiscal cliff.

From their view, why would they care? Is their really any way of paying down this debt? Really? With this congress? The number of takers is swamping the makers. That isn’t going to change and they know it. Baby boomers retiring is going to be the next bomb to drop, and we haven’t seen the student loan fiasco yet. You thought the real estate meltdown was bad? These clowns recognize they don’t have the will or the combined I.Q. to solve the staggering financial problems that plague this country. The plan is clearly to leave the mess for another generation. They’ll be long gone by then, but not before they pad their own wallets and go out in style.

Leaving our fate in the hands of those in Washington is tantamount to assisted suicide. These people aren’t going to solve these problems, or any problems at all. So what are we to do? At least half the country-maybe more think the government actually cares about them. Let me rephrase that. The government, that which is under the auspices of our Constitution does care. The current crop of thugs in Washington do not. For those of us that are left, it is up to us to make any kind of change at all, and merely casting a ballot isn’t going to cut it, as we saw November 6th.

There are still a significant number of us out here that want to return this country to its former glory. We’re just going to have to be creative. Obama himself said there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Yes there is Barry, yes there is.

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