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Feds Turn The Screws On Joe Arpaio

This is like the Corleone family cracking down on Joe Friday. Those who are the criminals, who are the traitors, who engage in murderous plots, who engage in racial profiling themselves, who flout the Constitution as if it didn’t exist are hammering Arizona once again, this time summing up their attack on the premier sheriff in the nation, Joe Arpaio. But like all Justice Department operations, this has nothing to do with their front story. This has to do with the Obama agenda.

The Justice Department released the results of a three year investigation into the practices of Joe Arpaio’s Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department. The report accuses Arpaio’s office of specifically targeting latinos in a host of constitutional and human rights violations. Three years they’ve been at it. Let’s take a look at some of those violations.

The Justice Department’s civil rights goon, Thomas reconquista Perez says Arpaio and his crew engaged in egregious cases of profiling. The report mentions sweeps to find illegal aliens. Deputies will flood certain areas and stop those for traffic violations and other offenders. Sometimes… Sometimes those sweeps were conducted in heavily latino areas. Sometimes. Since 2008 these sweeps have resulted in 1500 arrests, 57 percent of them illegal aliens. So that’s unusual in Phoenix? Does that raise a red flag for you?

The report really focused on how latinos specifically were treated. The descriptions were fuzzy at best. They’re treated as if they were all illegal aliens. What does that mean? What exactly is the protocol for arresting an illegal alien that differs from any other arrest? None, I suspect, but then this report has nothing to to with civil rights. They arrest latinos without good cause. Actually arrest them? Well, there’s money to made in that case. Maricopa County should be broke about now. Well, they aren’t because nobody is being arrested without cause.

They threw out a few more this, that, and the other thing, and if true-coming from the Justice Department we can’t just assume that, are things that occur in any sizable sheriff’s department. I’m sure the JD is aware of that.

Just to show what kind of attack this is from the Obama regime, the open borders terror coddling DHS immediately jumped in to weaken Arpaio’s law enforcing power.

The fallout from the report was swift. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced it is severing its ties with Arpaio, stripping his jail officers of their federal power to check whether inmates in county jails are in the county illegally, a move that was meant to speed up deportation.
Homeland security officials also are restricting Arpaio’s office from using a program that uses fingerprints collected in local jails to identify illegal immigrants.

Can’t even check. What does that tell you?

Here’s the real agenda. Obama is trying to lock in the latino vote for 2012. Yes, that includes the illegal alien vote. He can’t have his lever pullers in jail if he expects to take Arizona next year. There is also a recall effort in the offing for Arpaio, being concocted by the same goons that ousted Russell Pearce a few weeks back. Remember, the guy leading that charge was trained in community organizing by the same Saul Alinsky created organization that trained Barack Obama. Oh yes.

So while Mexican citizens dodge a cascade of bullets-courtesy of Fast and Furious, the ones that actually made it across the border are being coddled for the time being. In the end they’ll be useful idiots like the rest of the union, race baiting, occupier crowd that make up Obama’s big tent. For now, guys like Joe Arpaio are literally being martyred by our own goverment for simply enforcing the law. Joe plans to fight these attacks, but the JD can make it very expensive for him and jeopardize valuable resources in the process.

The Obama regime is making an example of Arizona, and especially of Joe Arpaio. For anybody else in this country that wants to stand up and do the right thing, you can expect a punishing response from the criminal enterprise currently known as the Justice Department.

On a side note, there was another Republican presidential debate tonight. Nothing like this came up. If I could be moderator just once…There are so many things that could crush Obama before Christmas. Jobs, economy-we got it guys. That isn’t really giving you the bump you need. How about, Give me 20 things Obama is doing right now that you would completely reverse. Any candidate that couldn’t come up with 20 things would be eliminated. Of course, Huntsman would be gone, but what about the rest of them? That’s it, one question for the entire debate. Here’s one item right here candidates, just address the Arpaio issue and 19 more…

5 comments to Feds Turn The Screws On Joe Arpaio

  • There is no justice in the Justice Department, that much is certain. This regime cares nothing about the law, only about getting reelected and this is all part of that effort. It is disgusting!

    • I’m thinking even if we get rid of Holder, the JD is saturated with leftists that will continue the attacks on Arpaio and the rest of America for that matter. We need to remove the entire regime.

  • Barb Hartwell

    I wish the justice dept would put more into the bankster trials as they are doing with Arizona. The people of Arizona spoke and that`s what they want. This is why we have individual states. The banksters stole money not just in America but all over the world and nothing has been done about it.


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