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Feeding Frenzy For Foreign Workers

If you believe the phony employment numbers released by the government you would think that unemployment is dropping and the the country is recovering from the years-long recession. Although that may not be true for the country as a whole, it is true for individual companies, compliments of the the U.S. government.

While millions of Americans give up looking for work due to no apparent prospects, it turns out that there are some good jobs available, just not for citizens. With the application period less than a week old some 85,000 applications have been submitted by American companies for H-1B visas, which would import foreign workers to work American jobs. These companies claim that in a country of 300 million plus, they just can’t find qualified workers. Is that the case, or is it that they can’t find workers that will accept the wages they might be offering?

Armed with a H-1B visa, a company can import a worker and force an American worker to train what will be his or her replacement. These workers can later move back to their home countries and conduct operations there on behalf of those companies. Those are jobs that either used to be, or would be in the United States. Looking at stock prices of multi-national companies will tell you how this scheme is working out. Yes, the United States is still has the best jobs, still has the best education, still has the best opportunities, but these companies are actively trying to spread that all over the world. The name of game is money, not fairness. They can exploit these workers, but as far as the visa holder is concerned, it is a dream come true. But it is a wide awake nightmare for qualified Americans.

Immigration is a multi-pronged weapon as far as the American citizen is concerned. Qualified enough foreign workers who will do the job on the cheap on one side, and the poorest and most desperate on the other. American citizens are left holding the bag for both and giving up their own jobs in the process. Open borders advocates will counter that criticism with we need immigration reform. Of course, we know what reform means to them. Unfettered immigration that will drive down wages and give companies highly qualified or highly trainable workers that will work for peanuts. We’ve seen that already happen with lower end jobs. The HB-1 looks to mirror that trend with high end jobs.

The bottom line is that America is weakened by unrestrained immigration, contrary to what open border advocates would have you believe. It drives down wages, dilutes the culture and leaves many Americans out in the proverbial cold. If you ask some of these companies though, they’ll say that it boosts profit, celebrates global multiculturalism, and hey, you can’t give a job to every person in the world.

I’m all for letting in the best and the brightest. In fact, that would be immigration reform. But not at the expense of the American worker. Although companies technically have no allegiance to the United States, they were somehow able to build empires on backs of American workers with no ill effects. Apparently, today’s CEO’s have lost that skill. They may not need it thanks to their friends in Washington.

2 comments to Feeding Frenzy For Foreign Workers

  • It’s all so sick. We have people who refuse to work because the entitlement is so much easier and then there are those who are hanging on by a thread. We truly have take an ass backward attitude to work ethic in this country. Perhaps, this will stimulate some of those genius to start something new. I can dream, can’t I?

  • Dreams can come true, isn’t that what they say?

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