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Full Amnesty Already In Effect

If you thought Obama decreeing the DREAM Act into law was an outrage, well, that was just icing on the cake. The fraud-in-chief has implemented other mini amnesties (mini being a relative term), that now just about every illegal alien is immune from deportation. Couple that with Project Gunrunner, which for all we know is still in operation, the money laundering activities the feds are doing for the cartels, the Border Patrol orders to shoo illegal aliens back across the border rather than apprehend them, the Justice Department’s savage attacks on states that dare to pass voter I.D. laws and you have amnesty/citizenship for any Tomas, Ricardo or Heime that happened to cross the border. I say that in the past tense. The only real border is the imaginary line you see on a map.

Obama’s latest amnesty scheme to basically legalize hundreds of thousands (do you think that number is accurate?) of kids allegedly brought illegally into the United States kicking and screaming was met with threats of a lawsuit, but that is just the latest in a series of amnesties that have blown the border wide open. Back in January the Department of Homeland Security…announced a plan to grant unlawful presence waivers to those that could prove they had a relative that was a U.S. citizen. I’ve said before that I myself could get a hold of that kind of documentation. What are the odds an illegal alien has access to those same resources? People sell that stuff on the street corner.

At the time, it was touted as a hardship waiver, granting amnesty to those whose deportation would cause undue hardship on their American family members left behind. They have apparently disposed of that condition, and now, merely having a family member in the U.S. is good enough. Well, documentation that such a scenario exists anyway.

Tie this in with the severely restrictive guidelines ICE must now abide by when even approaching illegal aliens and the Obama regime flat out canceling deportations and full amnesty-and border erasure is just about complete.

This appears to be part of the Obama Administration’s bigger plan to blow off Congress by using its executive powers to grant illegal immigrants backdoor amnesty. The plan has been in the works for years and in 2010 Texas’s largest newspaper published an exposé about a then-secret DHS initiative that systematically cancelled pending deportations. The remarkable program stunned the legal profession and baffled immigration attorneys who said the government bounced their clients’ deportation even when expulsion was virtually guaranteed.

No, vicious drug cartels won’t get the benefits of these amnesties. They just get automatic weapons and have to find their own way across the border. And judging from the warning signs along the Arizona border, they’re finding their way across just fine. As for those record deportations? Judicial Watch has exposed that as a lie, as well as Darrell Issa, who called Janet Napolitano to the mat for her supposed apprehension numbers at the border. They turned out to be a lie. Yeah, he’s working on more than Fast and Furious.

While Mitt Romney crosses the country blathering about jobs, the United States is being dismantled before our eyes. A cultural and economic disaster is being implemented as we speak and not a word from the guy who could be the next president. My only theory is that like most presidents, the full agenda only becomes clear after November. I don’t see Romney doing anything about this though.

100 million strong sitting on the Southern Border, and if a Pew Research poll is to be believed, at least a third can’t wait to get here. With no 14th Amendment to worry about, the lure is even stronger. No country, not even the United States could absorb that kind of influx and survive.

2 comments to Full Amnesty Already In Effect

  • The DREAM Act was just the icing on the cake because Obama has been implementing amnesty one piece at a time so that it wouldn’t look so obvious. This has gotten more attention because the DREAM Act has been debated many times before, but maybe if people had stood up when Obama first started changing immigration policy through fiat we wouldn’t have gotten to this point. Maybe people are finally starting to wake up and I guess it’s better late than never.

    • Well…it’s pretty late, but at the same time I tell myself there is a solution to what is now an almost irreversible catastrophe. What that solution is I’m not sure, but I know it would involve some choices that would necessarily cause some upheaval in this country. Illegal aliens and their advocates won’t go quietly.

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