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Gangster Obama Shows Up For The Debate

Or he was just channeling Joe Biden. You decide. Whatever the case, Obama brought nothing new to the table, but then, this may not have been the objective of this debate. With more people paying attention at this point in the campaign, both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama may just be driving home their talking points. That’s bad news for Obama.

The lethargic, out of sorts Barack Obama that appeared at the last debate was gone last night. A leaner, meaner Obama took the stage, and since he doesn’t have a record to run on, he turned into an aggressive liar, hoping that nobody would fact check his statements. No doubt he felt confident taking this approach because he had some help up there on stage. The moderator, Candy Crowley, left no doubt in anybody’s mind that she is in Obama’s corner, and like nutcase Chris Matthews, will do whatever she has to do to help Obama win. And she did do what she could do.

The two biggest moments of the debate for me were the very moments that Crowley came to Obama’s aid. Clearly she knew they were big moments and she bailed out her leader. The Libya issue, which has yet to reach a crescendo, was the first one. Obama bellowed that he stood in the Rose Garden the day after the September 11th attacks and called the attacks in Libya what they were: Terror attacks. Romney was incredulous and responded. It took Obama two weeks to finally be dragged into reality and admit that it was indeed a terror attack. When Romney made this point…Crowley came to the rescue. She said that Obama did call it a terror attack the next day. To the casual observer, those that do not follow politics that closely, it appeared that it was Romney that didn’t have his facts straight. Well, it might have appeared that way, but the fact is, Romney was right. Crowley even admitted that later on. Not during the debate though, not when 65 million people were watching. It got Obama off the hook, at least temporarily. I say temporarily, because Obama even chided Romney and perpetuated the lie. He must have forgotten that there actually is a transcript of that Rose Garden speech. He called for reading it in the midst of the Crowley attack. We did Barry, we did.

The next moment was regarding Fast and Furious. The Obama regime running guns to Mexican drug cartels is a huge story, covered up with same kind of zeal as the Benghazi debacle. When the question of an assault weapon ban came up, Romney took advantage. Well, he started to, but again, Crowley cut him off, stating that the topic was about assault weapons bans. Apparently, Obama flooding the streets with these types of weapons was not appropriate. Well, we all know, and Candy Crowley knew how pertinent it was. That’s why she cut Romney off. Off the hook again.

I blame Romney for not pounding that issue the entire campaign. He’s doing a pretty good job on the Libya matter, but then, there are so many things he could have battered Obama with. When you take such a narrow focus such as Romney has, then goons like Crowley can cut you off and leave you speechless, which is what happened to Romney in these situations last night.

Even so, it’s very telling what the immediate polls said after this debate. CNN, the home of Candy Crowley had their poll of registered voters that watched the debate. They had Obama narrowly winning the debate, but when Wolf Blitzer actually broke down the issues, Romney came out ahead significantly. Economy, Romney, taxes, Romney, health care, Romney, and on down the line. Sure, I checked out CNN. Interesting to see how opponents of Romney are spinning the debate. And when an operation like CNN, which boasts a panel of pundits that includes Van Jones comes to the conclusion that voters trust Romney on the issues over Obama by a significant margin, then you know things are going poorly for Barry. No, I didn’t check out Chris Matthews. Do we need to?

I think Romney won this debate, although it was not a smack down like the first one. That’s bad news for Obama. He needed a win, and at best he left things the way they were. If the polls are any indicator, that’s bad news for Obama.

4 comments to Gangster Obama Shows Up For The Debate

  • That debate was probably the most glaring example of media bias we have ever seen because she deliberately tried to change the outcome of the debate rather than let it take iit course. She save Obama on Libya by repeating his lies and I think in the end this will hurt Obama because it keeps the controversy going instead of helping it to abate.
    To me, her bailout of Obama on Fast and Furious was almost as bad as this one, she changed the subject as quickly as she could and the last chance to really hammer this issue was lost. All in all I think Romney did as good as he could have under the conditions and I think it was probably a draw.

  • These tag teams of Obama and the moderator against Romney or Ryan are getting old. Romnay missed some opportunities but in the end it is Obama who had to look bad to the so-called undecideds.

    BTW, rjjrdq, for two days I could not open your home page. The URK was right but it was some stupid video commercial. Today all is well; but that was strange. I thought someone hijacked you URL.

  • Let’s see what happens tonight. This last round didn’t help him much even with Candy’s help.

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