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GAO Confirms Secure Border a Myth

The Department of Homeland Security would have us believe that the drug war raging at the Mexican border is due in part to increased border security. I would propose something a little closer to reality. The drug routes into the United States are so wide open, so lucrative, that it’s worth the fight. Meanwhile, anybody else that wants to traipse into this country, can, and do take advantage of the unsecure border.

When Janet Napolitano brags about the advances in border security, all but the kool-aid drinkers know she’s full of it. The failure of SBInet (Boeing was unable to install a camera on the border), unarmed National Guardsmen stringing barbed wire, ranchers along the border either being gunned downed or sued if they happen to survive an encounter with an illegal alien are all examples of border security failure. Let’s not forget the jihadist literature that has been found along known illegal alien entry points. Yes, in fact they do know exactly where the entry points are.

Now we have the General Accounting Office (GAO) verifying how non-existent border security actually is. The non-partisan office issued a 17 page report debunking the offical claims of border control. The Border Patrol is asserting that they have operational control of 40 percent of the border with Mexico. According to the BP, this is what they consider controlled.

Continuous detection and interdiction resources at the immediate border with high probability of apprehension upon entry.

Fair enough. However, the Border Patrol concedes that even in the areas where they do claim control, they cannot detect light aircraft or border tunnels. So if you go over or under you can get through. Basically you need to walk right into them in order to be caught. Keep in mind that the Border Patrol is only claiming 40 percent of the border is under this kind of control. The GAO took a look at that number and concluded that the BP overestimated just how much control they actually had. According to their numbers, only 15 percent of that 40 is under operational control. That works out to six percent of the border being under any kind of substantial control. Six percent. Hats off to Walter Moore for doing the math.

So while Napolitano babbles about the threat Americans pose to themselves, and has the TSA humiliating those same Americans at every airport, the border, for all intents and purposes, in unsecured. Unless an illegal alien is coming through a highly visible checkpoint, there’s a 94 percent chance they won’t even be detected. The illegal aliens that are pouring in-as I write this, are the same ones that will benefit from an amnesty bill that will, as I have said before, eventually be passed.

These folks can just walk in and vote undetected, apply for taxpayer funded benefits undetected, assume your identity undetected, and create balkanized neighborhoods across the United States-highly detectable and pandered to shamelessly.

But Janet Napolitano considers us the enemy, Barack Obama wants illegal aliens and ethno-centric hate groups to punish the enemy (us), and there is always-always a an amnesty bill ready to come up for a vote in Washington.

I’ll say it again. Hands down the number one issue. If there is no sovereignty, there is no country, so unless this issue is not only addressed, but effectively resolved in a timely manner, every other issue will be concerning an entity other than the United States.

6 comments to GAO Confirms Secure Border a Myth

  • When they say the things that they do, I wonder if anyone actually believes them. Then, I have to conclude that all too many do.

  • Janet Napolitano can use all of the talking points that she wants to about how the border has never been as secure as it is right now but who in their right mind believes her anymore? This whole issue is maddening because the administration wants these people to cross the border and we can’t do anything to convince any of these politicians to do something about this. We are going to lose our contry if this isue is not solved.

    • With the debate raging over the budget, you would think this massive expense would be part of it. Securing the border would save money and put people to work. Take the politics out of it and its a no brainer.

  • I’d bet that Naplitano and the rest of the Obama regime could beat a poligraph test. They have lying down to an art form. Only those with no moral values are capable of mastering that particular art form. they may as well throw out a welcome mat for all illegals that want to enter our country.

    • We’ll just have to absorb the damage until at least 2012. Even if a Republican wins the White House, I don’t have alot of confidence that this issue will be addressed effectively. There are enough RINO’s out there that think too much like Dems on this issue.

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