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Gingrich Opens Amnesty Floodgates

I ask again, as have many others during this primary campaign: How the hell does Newt Gingrich end up as a contender? The man lies, he’s erratic, and of the four contenders left, he is by far the most anti-American candidate. If anyone thinks there is any credence to the North American Union need only to look at the position of Newt Gingrich on illegal immigration and see, like Jimmy Carter, like Bush 1, like Bill Clinton, like W, and now like Obama, Newt has no interest in securing our border, and thus our sovereignty.

Literally hours after offering amnesty to illegal aliens that served in the military, Newt took his open borders stance one step further on Wednesday. In an interview with Jorge reconquista Ramos of Univision, Gingrich proposed that after the military amnesty, that there should be a guest worker program to let everyone else stay. And I mean everyone.

“With most of them? I would urge them to get a guest-worker permit,” he said, calling for a substantial rewrite of immigration laws that would cancel existing penalties and instead let illegal immigrants stay.

The real Newt Gingrich couldn’t hide forever. He’s been open borders his entire career, so the get tough rhetoric in regards to securing the border never held water with those that know him. And I know him. So here’s how Newt will deal with immigration. For those that have been here a number of years-those identity stealers that managed to stay under the radar, they get to stay. If they join the military-presuming they actually speak English and would understand critical orders on the battlefield-they can stay. And for anybody that doesn’t fall into either of those categories, he proposes a guest worker program. That covers everyone, and under a Gingrich presidency, no illegal alien will have to leave. They can stay, have families-become part of the community, and eventually fall into one of the aforementioned amnesty groups.

Does Newt know something we don’t? Is he trying to siphon the illegal alien voter block being assembled by Obama’s ACORN goons? Don’t put it past him. The very fact that Gingrich’s immigration policy is undiscernable from Barack Obama’s should be cause for alarm to even the most ardent Gingrich supporter.

11 comments to Gingrich Opens Amnesty Floodgates

  • Newt has got to be losing support because of this issue and in fact I don’t understand why he has so much support on the first place. The man is not going to be tough on illegal immigration and in fact now holds the same position as Bush on this issue. The people reject this every time it is put forth, what makes Gingrich think it will be different this time? Or does he just not give a damn what the American people think.

    • Well, I’ve postulated that Newt may know something that we don’t. I have no confidence in accurate vote counts, and Newt may have his own version of ACORN stacking the votes for him.

  • Barb Hartwell

    The trouble is there are many people in the middle on issues and to get a candidate that can address them all is impossible. The country needs a leader who knows what to address first. Leave all social issues alone for states to decide. When talking about immigration it needs to be dealt with carefully. No president can be elected coming across as a redneck cowboy, not after Bush anyway. The same is true of Religious freaks,we are a Republic that recognizes all Religions and races we may not agree with them, but we need to let them do as they will within the law. Many want to make abortion illegal, why is this so important should we address this issue over an unequal tax system or the Economy. These are politicians and we do not need more of them we need a leader not a corp. puppet that is influenced by money. Nobody seems to care that our choices are so slim or slime. Most of us will hold our nose and vote in November

    • I agree Barb-maybe for different reasons, but it’s true. You would think in a country of 300 million that we could find a candidate we all could live with. Are we that divided that we only end up with candidates nobody wants?

  • Then we have Romney who has no intention of repealing Obamacare. I really cannot conceive how these candidates continue to support positions that are totally oposite of what the voters demanded in the 2010 election.

    • Coleman could have been a loose cannon Bunkerville. Even if it’s true, if Romney becomes president and does nothing he’ll be impeached-maybe by his own party.

  • Barb Hartwell

    Romney will most likely win the nomination, but he is not a candidate that is very likable. Truth be told he makes me sick with his salesmen ways. He claims to understand regular Americans but has never had to work for anything. I mean real work that includes making budgets and sacrifices to pay bills. Then he hides his money in other countries that there shows how stingy and out of touch he is. I heard he was given a folded dollar from a kid for good luck. Romney did not want him to go unrewarded so he reach into his pocket to find he only had a hundred dollar bill, so he asked his aid for something smaller they gave him a five. Think how a hundred would have made that kid feel but he a multi-millionaire too cheap he squeaks. It`s all about him.

    • Romney is not my favorite either, but as far as the rich thing: If Romney offered you all his money, would you take it? Me too.

      • Barb Hartwell

        Yes of -course I would, but I would hope I would use that money better than him. He could not possibly need that much sitting doing nothing and living on the money he gets in interest. He calls himself a job creator but he has destroyed more companies than he created. We have a deficit and he looks for ways to pay less and he wants to be someone to look up to. I am not jealous of him I pity him for he seems to be afraid of letting loose even a little. Is he so afraid of being like the average guy that he wishes we were even worse off as we are, so he is so far above us.

  • He has not destroyed more jobs than he created. That was proven to be a lie put out by the Gingrich pac, and they have since admitted that.

  • Barb Hartwell

    He is not the great job creator he has said he was and what he did a Bain capitol is disgusting. His company was bailed out and we the people picked up the tab. So much for being a great business man It is all about him and I would never vote for a crook even if it is disguised as legal. If he or Gingrich are still standing in Nov. I will stay home or vote for Obama and the Republican party has only themselves to blame. If by any chance Ron Paul is the candidate I will vote for him for real change.

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