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Gingrich, Perry Morph Into Democrats

With Newt Gingrich blathering on about what a moderate Mitt Romney is, you would think he would be highlighting his conservative credentials in contrast. Instead, he sounds like he’s reading a script straight out of the White House. Rick Perry is no better, and his rhetoric is even more incendiary. The governor who’s created thousands of jobs for immigrants at the expense of native Texans is railing against Romney for supposedly destroying communities during his time at Bain Capital. Sure sounds like desperation time to me.

The New Hampshire primaries are history, and as expected, Mitt Romney came out on top by a wide margin. America’s Watchtower called it like a grade A Rasmussen poll, and also has a pretty good summary of each candidate’s fate. Gingrich managed double digits, enough I suppose to hope for a McCainian type comeback, and Rick Perry-he’s out. He should stop wasting his and other people’s money. They should both knock off the obamaesque rhetoric.

I think this is the significant story coming out of New Hampshire. A Gingrich pac is running ads portraying Romney as a corporate raider, and a scavenger. I’m no supporter of Mitt Romney, but the fact is, that he actually created jobs during his time there. Yes, some unprofitable companies had to go-they weren’t propped up the way Obama did it, and other companies ended up thriving and hiring even more employees. Think Staples. These ads were running as Gingrich trolled New Hampshire bashing Romney as a moderate, indistinguishable from Barack Obama. In this case, it is Gingrich that is on the same page as Obama.

Rich Perry topped the Gingrich pac without any help at all. He referred to Romney’s activities at Bain capital as vulture capitalism, that was irresponsible and destroyed communities. Well Rick, lover of illegal aliens (speaking of destroying communities) option B would be to bail out those failing companies, and in this case on the dime of a private company. Instead, they took limited resources and put them where they would do the most good. The result was 1000’s of jobs created. Rick Perry is focusing on two towns in South Carolina where Bain couldn’t save some companies there. Some companies fail Rick-unless of course they have the capacity to be bailed out. It sounds like that’s what Rick Perry would have done.

Of course, Perry would have done nothing of the kind, but in his zeal to find something to stop the tide from turning to Romney, he and Gingrich came up with a scheme to attack from the left. The result, unfortunately for them, is driving conservatives to the defense of Mitt Romney. I’m no supporter of Mitt Romney, but hell, they even have me defending him!

It remains to be seen what the fallout will be from these particular attacks. I think Perry is done-and has been since Iowa, and if this doesn’t finish off that phony Gingrich, then this country is in more trouble than I thought. In the end, I think it will hurt Gingrich, and that will leave Romney, Paul and Santorum as the only viable candidates left. This is what the primaries are for, to chip away until only one candidate remains, and so far, with the available candidates, things are going pretty much to plan, despite the msm trying to paint a picture of disarray among Republican ranks. There’s no disarray. Whoever gets the nod will have the full support of conservatives, because it’s anybody but Obama. My guess is that it will be Romney, but in the meantime, it will be interesting to see the Gingrich and Perry campaigns implode.

4 comments to Gingrich, Perry Morph Into Democrats

  • Thanks for the link and for the compliment. Gingrich has gone off the deep end and Perry is following him. I’m with you in that I do not like Mitt Romney but this line of attack could come back to haunt the Republicans for years to come, it isn’t the right way to go about it.
    I do not think Gingrich will drop out if he has a poor showing in SC because he is well funded and will stay in just to bring Romney down.
    Gingrich complains about Romney being a moderate, but that is an improvement over Gingrich who is sounding like a liberal.

  • And so Gingrich is revealed for being the nasty man we were told he could be. Perry,apparently finds that it is better to destroy than to rebuild. I am done with both of them. Either of them might have had a come back in South Carolina as did Reagan in one election cycle, after losing the first couple of primaries. But the well is now polluted.South Carolina will be very interesting.

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