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Gingrich Still On Board With Global Warming

But he apparently wants to keep it a secret, at least until he’s safely inside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Of course, Newt Gingrich’s poll numbers are plummeting, and he won’t even be on the ballot in Virginia, So we may not have to worry about it. I just want to be the guy that slams the door on his way out.

It’s a wonder Newt Gingrich isn’t commiserating with John Huntsman at the back of the Republican presidential contender pack. The tea party bashing, open borders goon that defends his position to this day, he’s also had his share of legendary flip-flops. As he bashed Mitt Romney for his individual mandate in Massachusetts, he himself supported the exact same thing, even lauding Romney’s plan specifically before he decided he was against it. Or is he against it, that’s the question. He bashed Paul Ryan’s economic plan, labeling it social engineering. If that’s the case, you would think Gingrich would be on board with it. But Newt Gingrich’s brand of social engineering tilts more to the left than to the right. Just ask Freddie Mac, who paid him more than a million dollars to push their agenda. Gingrich claims he tried to change Freddie’s ways, but his public actions tell a different story. And in the spirit of social engineering, Newt Gingrich now disavows his global warming commercial with his pal Nancy Pelosi, calling it the dumbest single thing I’ve done. But did he really mean that? Again, new information emerges that tell a different story.

Newt is coming up with a new book pretty soon, and he originally commissioned a global warming shill to write an entire chapter for him.

The Times said it would include a chapter on climate change by Katharine Hayhoe, an atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech who has said there is “no debate” about the reality of climate change and “the fact that humans are the primary cause.”

Feeling the heat from voters in Iowa and seeing his poll numbers spiraling downward though, Gingrich has either shifted position-or decided his position on global warming is none of your business. Now he’s decided that the chapter will not be in the book. Up until the word got out though, that chapter was going to be in the book.

Open borders, opportunist global warming alarmist. Don’t forget that this is the same guy that would arrest judges that disagree with him. Think global warming and individual mandates. Arrest judges. Lucky for us it looks like Gingrich is losing steam and won’t likely have a shot at the GOP candidacy. With any luck at all, this will be his last hurrah and we won’t hear from him again. That may be asking too much though.

4 comments to Gingrich Still On Board With Global Warming

  • I read this story over the weekend as well and honestly I wasn’t surprised. I don’t trust this man at all because he has shown he will take whatever side of an issue he needs to in order to get elected. This is quite a bit like Romney, but at least we all know this is true of Romney while Gingrich is trying to hide it. Gingrich must not be the nominee!
    Let’s not forget the heat Romney took for changing parts of the paperback version of his book; this is far worse because Newt must believe in global warming if he was dedicating a whole chapter to it, and now only is taking itout because it hurts him politically.

  • Hopefully Gingrich’s performance tomorrow will make him irrelevant. Too bad it’s taking this long.

  • Depressing a bit isn’t it? I had some hope for him at one point. Perry sounds a bit better these days, but the gaffes no doubt have doomed him. Oh well,….

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