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Gingrich Wants John Bolton In His Cabinet

He’s an open borders traitor. He’s hung around with the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Al Sharpton. The Republicans ran him out of town when he was speaker of the house. He’s made boneheaded statements and even more boneheaded endorsements. His morality is right there in the Bill Clinton zone. He supported a individual healthcare mandate even before Obama and Romney. His business dealings are suspect-to put it nicely. He despises the tea party. He’s establishment with a capital E. So how does Newt Gingrich not only remain in the Republican primary race, but actually take the lead in Iowa? He’s a smart guy, and he’s made yet another smart move that may push him higher in the polls.

Dr. Jekyll has struck again, this time as his popularity is surging. The strange thing is that Newt Gingrich hasn’t done anything recently that would justify his boost in the polls. The only thing could be is that he’s taking the spillover from the failed Cain campaign. Newt will take the support wherever he can get it, and with his latest statements, that support may rise even higher.

Speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition forum, both Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney tore into Obama and his treatment of Israel in the last three years. Romney brought up the fact that Obama has not visited Israel during his term. He’s been to Egypt, to Syria, to Saudi Arabia-but not Israel. Romney also said that Iran would not obtain nuclear weapons on his watch, nor would he meet with the Iranian whack job Ahmadinejad. That all sounds good, but Newt topped him.

Gingrich said that he would ask John Bolton to be his secretary of state-but only if he would clean up the State Department as part of the job. Remember, the State Department boasts legions of pro-Islam, pro international court liberals. If you recall, they also submitted a human rights report bashing Arizona and SB 1070 to the United Nations. Newt would turn Bolton loose and have him retake the State Department.

Bolton would be well qualified for the job too. He’s most well known for his stint as ambassador to the United Nations, who hated him for his views. Bolton believes the United States is number one, and he let the United Nations know that in no uncertain terms.

There is no such thing as the United Nations. There is only the international community, which can only be led by the only remaining superpower, which is the United States.

He saw the U.N. as a tool to advance the interests of the United States, not the corrupt one world plutocracy it is now. Bolton is well qualified for the job, and in fact may be qualified for the White House. Although he considered a run, he decided against it. Foreign policy is his strength anyway, and as a potential SOS, he would get the world’s mind right as to who is the superpower.

That’s how Newt does it. Now I’m not fooled. Newt Gingrich is a train wreck with so much baggage that he would be torn apart in a presidential campaign. But on days like this, he’ll gain the support of conservatives who are looking to oust Barack Obama in 2012. Hopefully, Gingrich will implode and fade away, and some other candidate will take a look at John Bolton. There’s alot of talent out there that can turn this country around, and John Bolton is an example of some of that talent. Of course, if Newt does get the nomination, I’m in the anybody but Obama club. Really hope it isn’t Newt though.

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