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Global Cooling Explained

First we had global cooling. Remember that? Once that turned out to be bogus, they turned to global warming. Well, once the cooling trend started, they had to come up with something else. Climate change was that something. Now, any kind of change in the climate for any reason could be attributed to man. Unfortunately for the climate goons, climates change naturally. They call it the four seasons. Finally they seemingly settled on their latest fraud, Climate disruption. The term has become such a butt of jokes though that they are now coming full circle and going back to global warming. Only the earth isn’t warming, it’s in a cooling trend, by their own admission. Well, they have an answer for that. Pollution is causing global cooling.

That is correct. The very same excuse they gave for global warming is now the exact same one they are using for global cooling. They-I say they but, does it matter who? They have decided that it is the evil coal plants that are contributing causing global cooling. The sulphur emissions apparently cause the atmosphere to cool. According to these geniuses, virtually all of it is coming from China. Once the communist nation cleans up those sulphur emissions, the global warming trend will continue. What a coincidence that Obama has promised to run coal companies out of business, and now he has scientific data to back him up.

Of course, these great scientists can’t even get their lies straight.

The last decade was the hottest on record and the 10 warmest years have all occurred since 1998. But within that period, global surface temperatures did not show a rising trend, leading some to question whether climate change had stopped.

Wait a minute? How can we have the 10 warmest years on record, and at the same time have the average temperatures not rise? Simple math would show that the temperatures would rise. Not according to these great thinkers. It’s the sulphur that’s cooling the earth-even though the temperatures are the hottest on record. Well, tied with the 1880’s. I guess there was global warming then as well…

This should sum it up. The report was given the thumbs up by none other than Michael Mann. You remember Michael, he’s the one that came up with the infamous “hockey stick” graph that showed a spike in world temperatures. He’s since been proven a fraud, so no surprise he condones this particular study.

The U.N. wants $45 trillion to combat global whatever. It doesn’t matter to them either. The goal is wealth redistribution, but if they don’t get their lies straight, not even the sheep are going to continue to fall for it.

8 comments to Global Cooling Explained

  • The junk scientist have sold their souls for the promise of more research grants and now they know the only way to keep those funds coming is to pander to the political left. the left, of course, is only interested in staying in power and gaining more power over the masses.

  • The alarmists will not let this stop them, they will claim that even though the pollution is cooling the earth that this is proof it is affecting climate and because of this it must be regulated. They are trying to have it both ways, but the American people see through this now.

    • I’m all for dealing with pollution, but that is a separate issue. Lumping everything together seems to be the game plan.

      • So am I, but as you said these are two separate issue. The left has combined them to push their radical agenda because they know that nobody actually wants to pollute the earth. They are playing on people’s heartstrings to attain their goal.

        • admin

          they’re also banking that people don’t pay enough attention to see the inconsistencies in their scheme.

  • What will these poser scientists call this?

    I grew up with with these storms wreaking havoc all the time. No global cooling or heating, just plain ole Mother Nature.

    • admin

      That looks bad mcnorman. I think we should give a few billion to the U.N. to take a look at Phoenix.

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