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Global Warming Fraud Goes Bi-partisan

3stoogesLet’s call them the three stooges, because they continue to use terminology that has been proven to be fraudulent.

My apologies to The Stooges. I’m comparing these jerks to the characters, not the men. The three, John Hanoi Jane on Botox Kerry, RINO Lindsay grahamnesty Graham, and Joe the health care sellout Lieberman have come up with a bastardized version of a climate change framework, compiled from a mish-mosh of shitty bills that have been floating around the senate. They plan on sending this mess to Barack Obama before he heads off to Copenhagen and sells off the rest of America to the U.N. with his economy shattering proposals.

The highlights of this framework consist of not only the greenhouse gas reduction scam, but also includes ideas for offshore oil and gas drilling, clean coal, and nuclear power. Those last proposals don’t sound like a climate change bill to me, and it certainly isn’t going to fly with Obama. We know that Obama is dead set against offshore drilling, although he apparently is okay with other countries doing it, even willing to kick a few of our tax dollars over to make it happen. Coal? This is the guy that has said that he was going to run the coal industry out of town. And nuclear energy? Do we even need to discuss that one?

Sure, it sounds like there are some good suggestions in there, but it is all in the context of addressing climate change. If that is what they are trying to address, then they are addressing a fraud, and if they continue down that road, what do you think would be in any potential bill? These clowns must know that Obama will not even consider these kinds of proposals, save for the greenhouse gas emissions. He didn’t need these three for that though. But the point is moot, because there is no need for any kind of bill. Why don’t they just turn private industry loose, provide some tax incentives maybe, and let capitalism come up with clean energy ideas. I’m all for clean energy. Why don’t they hand it over to the pros, instead of taxing and making it more difficult to do business in this country. How did America become the greatest nation on earth anyway? How did she become, until recently, the economic powerhouse of the world? Certainly not from any bills oozing out of the senate. It was free enterprise, and if the market demands it, if the people want it, then whatever it is will come into existence. Whatever the government touches turns to garbage, and meeting the energy needs of the future is not something I would leave in the hands of these stooges, the likes of Harry Reid and others in the senate.

If the senate does indeed come up with some kind of bill, guaranteed it will be another pile of pork, just like the other bills that come from them. If they really wanted to address energy (which has nothing to do with climate change), they would at most, dangle some carrots as incentives and let the free market do what it does best. These guys can’t even get straight what they’re talking about. Climate change (a fraud), and energy needs (a legitimate issue), are being discussed as if they are the same thing. Clueless. Either that, or they are just perpetuating the global warming fraud. You decide.

4 comments to Global Warming Fraud Goes Bi-partisan

  • I have had this same struggle on my blog. I have written about the lie that is called global warming and the comments seem to always come back to asking me if I do not think our environment needs to be protected. Energy independence also comes up. The comments always seem to lean towards making the issues one and the same and they are not.

  • They call it the big lie, don’t they? Tell a lie long enough and people will start to believe it. Global warming alarmists have put more than one issue under the same umbrella and now it looks like some think climate and energy are one in the same.

  • As Larry alluded to, when you speak out against global warming people try to say that it means you don’t care about the environment. That is how they try to discredit you. And by combining these two issues they are trying to do the same. By combining the two issue they think that it makes it harder for us to fight against them.

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