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Global Warming Fraudsters Grasping At Straws

And if they get a hold of one of those straws, you paycheck is likely to be attached. Barack Obama is trying to pick our pockets while attempting to get us to ride bicycles to the local mosque, Democratic operatives are bashing Mitt Romney’s wife in what was previously off limits according to Obama, Executive orders are enveloping existing industry while tax dollars go to industries that don’t exist, Republicans are standing silent unless it involves pandering for a vote, much to the delight of Democrats. While the circus is indeed in town, keep in mind what the ultimate plan is. The communist left, currently figureheaded by Barack Obama wants to make the United States a 19th century hellopoly, where the one percent carry a hammer and sickle and the 99 percent struggle just to get from A to B. Only the most dire emergency would dictate using every resource available-in this case our money and freedom of movement. Yes, the myth of global warming is still being perpetuated, but it looks like they’re running out of new lies. So they’re using old ones.

The big headline was that a key ice shelf in Antarctica has shrunk by 85 percent. Even worse, it only took 17 years for it to happen. Sounds dire doesn’t it? This must be proof of global warming. How much longer before the venerable Larson B ice shelf is no more? It’ll probably be a while. The story ran April 6 of this year but the original story-ran in 2002.

That is correct. The MSM is running stories from 10 years ago to promote the global warming hoax. What the story doesn’t say, is after that heavy tongue of ice broke off years ago, that the area actually regenerated itself and is growing.

In the southern hemisphere winter, when emperor penguins huddle together against the biting cold, ice on the sea around Antarctica has been increasing since the late 1970s, perhaps because climate change means shifts in winds, sea currents or snowfall.

They even lie when they print the truth. Increasing since the ’70’s. On the other side of the world, the Arctic has seen some natural ebb and flow, but even there, the levels were lower in the 1970’s. So whether it’s cold, it’s warm, ice is increasing, decreasing, whatever-it’s all due to global warming.

This post isn’t just about bashing the myth of global warming. Well, maybe a little. This post is really a reminder of what global socialists want to accomplish by perpetuating the myth. Remember, the U.N. wants $45 trillion to combat the scourge. China and India have already balked, although China has agreed to sell us all the windwills we can handle. Talk about not letting a crisis go to waste.

Although the majority of Americans recognize the scam, Obama is going ahead as if people actually believe global warming is real. He’s already declared war on the coal industry, has strangled offshore drilling (while bankrolling the same kind of drilling off the shores of Brazil to the financial gain of George Soros), and now according to Bunkerville has taken over the natural gas industry. Using the past as an indicator we can surmise how that will turn out. Chinese windmills and Solyndra. How does that sound?

I don’t know if Mittens will bring this up during the campaign. Of course he was a believer before he was a skeptic, so like Obamacare, he can’t make much of an argument. That’s too bad because trillions of dollars-our dollars are at stake here, and if Barry gets another four years you can be sure he’ll do everything possible to take every last dime we have.

A centralized nightmare while spreading the wealth among the new one percent: The ones that steal rather than earn. And all of it based on lie of global warming.

10 comments to Global Warming Fraudsters Grasping At Straws

  • Thanks for the link. The Executive Order comes from the WH Gov site, yet I see little of anything posted. I love all the folks who will run this gas business. Even our gal Janet from DHS- there is a bright bulb we can count on.

  • A perfect example of how far the MSM will go to perpetuate this myth. Support for global warmimg initiatives has fallen dramatically because most people realize this is a scam. So we don’t hear much in the media anymore but Obama and the EPA are working behind the scenes to implement cap and trade.

  • Wow! You know things are bad when the Left can’t think up new lies and have to resorte to cleaning up old lies. History has demonstrated that the only thing that stops communism and socialism is the collapse of their unsustainable economic model. It’s as if TPTB want the Western economies to fail so they can institute their new and better plan for screwing over the world.

  • You’re right Jim, collapse is the only thing that stops it. That’s bad news for us.

  • OT, but not really. When it comes to Mittens and bs only time will tell. Many just want the poser gone and Mittens will do to buy time.

    Will Mittens bring up reparations?

    Worth the read

    I suppose that the goal is to keep it light so that tensions do not spark because they have brought a lot of tinder to racial theme. I’d be unhappy if I had to feel caged during the summit in Chicago because of the thuggery that has been allowed to flourish.

  • steve

    Do the Math : new documentary that talks about the numbers involved … the giga-tons of CO2 is what really gets me … My father was a right wing environmental scientist who worked for the Navy … He flew all over the world measuring the radio signals and upper atmospheric conditions in the 50s – 90s … he loved all the conservative politicians and was very disappointed with the right wings views on global warming … turning in his grave now as the global warming deniers keep at it … watch this video:!

  • rjjrdq

    Thanks for the bio on your dad.

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