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Going Green To Cost Money, Jobs in Los Angeles

On the verge of bankruptcy, illegal aliens running free-including vicious gang members that comprise 95 percent of all murder warrants in the city, crumbling streets, a grossly ineffective school system that is hopelessly in debt, the highest unemployment rate in the state and traffic snarls that are second to none, and the Los Angeles City Council has decided to take up an issue they deem critical. The scourge of plastic bags is in the crosshairs of the city council, and as a result, the new green movement is going to do away with the old green movement.

The Los Angeles City Council has passed a ban on plastic shopping bags citing the bags comprise up to 30 percent of waste in Los Angeles. Refuse experts put that number at 0.3 percent. That’s point 3 not 30. Kind of a strange number considering 99.9 percent of my trash goes into those same bags. It doesn’t matter. The green goons have once again discovered their inner nanny and have decided that paper bags will be used instead.

You are correct. Not that many years ago, these same buffoons were crying save the trees. Well, we saved them, and now those same trees will theoretically end up as grocery bags. I say theoretically, because Chinese companies are already lining up to offer their product to Los Angeles markets. Council members are hoping that markets will purchase made in USA bags. Ironically, there was a plastic bag manufacturer in town, but those folks will now lose their jobs because of this action. The ultimate goal is to have Angelenos bring their own bags to market and pack their own groceries. As an incentive, the paper bags will cost shoppers 10 cents a piece. Hit ’em where it hurts.

Used, filthy, even diaper bags will now be setting on the same counter we will be placing our groceries. Whether that was an unintended consequence or even bandied about at all is anybody’s guess. At the same time-as I’ve said before, this is what the people want. These are the folks that are voted in again and again. They know what they’re getting, but their either don’t vote at all, or re-install the same bunch of jerks that come up with ideas like this.

This is the same city council that passed a resolution condemning violence against Muslims, even though that demographic enjoys even fewer hate attacks than American born Christians. They condemned Arizona for passing SB 1070, they passed Special Order 40 that prohibits police from inquiring about immigration status, they stepped in to defend illegal alien hotel workers in the city when they felt the illegal weren’t getting a fair shake working their American jobs. And the list goes on.

Just one more day among the kooks, crackpots, socialists, nanny’s and self-destructive boobs in the once great state of California.

4 comments to Going Green To Cost Money, Jobs in Los Angeles

  • They just keep moving in circled, don’t they? First plastic bags were good and paper bags were ban and now paper bags are good and plastic bags are bad. That is what happens when the whole “save the planet” movement isn’t based in facts, they can change their position on a dime to whatever whim of the day.

    • It’s hard to know what they think. They can’t think that China clear cutting trees to make paper bags is a good thing. Can they?

  • And I thought earthquakes were a problem in CA…nothing compared to the state and local government entities though.

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