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Government Aware Obamacare Is In Freefall

It’s not easy to tell a lie and the truth at the same time, but the Obama regime is managing to do just that. As Rome burns, Nero sends out his goons to assure us all that the Obamacare rollout debacle has seen it’s worse days and everything looks rosy going forward. Too bad the truth got in the way of that vision.

While security experts warn of the perils of the existence of the Obamacare website, talking heads such as Kathleen Sebilius is steadfast in her contention that all is coming together and the healthcare nirvana launched under Barack Obama was the greatest idea since sliced bread. The facts tell a different story though. Never mind the millions of folks that were happy with their insurance, only to have it taken away as a direct result of Obamacare. There are actually more people uninsured now than before Obamacare went into effect. With hopelessly high prices for mandated coverage, those folks are likely to remain uninsured for the foreseeable future. Add to that the fact that insurance companies aren’t even sure who actually is covered and you have a mess of gargantuan proportions. This hasn’t escaped the attention of the Obama regime. They’ve finally canned CGI, the lead contractor for the Obamacare website and replaced them with Accenture. You remember Accenture? They are the ones that had one of their executives brag that his company could outsource-or insource virtually every job in America. They’re an outsourcing firm. Not sure what they’re doing with a website, but security experts can tell you how it’s working out.

But Obama had to justify firing Michelle’s pal at CGI, so they released some documents, ostensibly to make CGI look bad, but it had the effect of making the whole idea of Obamacare look bad.

To justify a no-bid contract with Accenture after firing CGI as the lead contractor, the administration released documents from the Department of Health and Human Services and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services that offered a rare glimpse of its worst fears, saying the problems with the website puts “the entire health insurance industry at risk” … “potentially leading to their default and disrupting continued services and coverage to consumers.”

Translation: They don’t know how many people are signed up and who they are signed up with. They’re depending on insurance companies to somehow sort it out and submit a bill to the government. A bill to taxpayers that is. But since they are worried that the entire industry is at risk, it sounds like the idea of paying these insurance companies based on the honor system might not work. Yeah, it might not Barry. That’s why you’re AA+, because you can’t be trusted to come up with the cash.

It wasn’t that long ago that the thought of an intentional disastrous rollout would set the stage for a full government takeover and eventually single payer was just some crazy right wing conspiracy theory. Well, if the regime succeeds at destroying the insurance industry, those folks will need to get their insurance somewhere.

The potential sacking of an entire industry. Millions now without insurance. The potential loss of jobs in a freefalling insurance industry as a result of this debacle looms. Nobody getting paid. Customers can’t afford the product. Identities served up to crooks on a government platter. It all looked so good on paper, didn’t it Barry?

6 comments to Government Aware Obamacare Is In Freefall

  • It is not just a vast right wing conspiracy theory anymore, time is proving we were right all along.

  • If best laid plans can go awry, what would one ex[ect of poorly laid plans? Some say this is all planned as a way to get to a single payer health care system. I believe we will have replaced the best ( all be it not perfect) health care in the world for total chaos. Where do they hope to find the health care professionals to man this single payer, government run, health care system?

  • I have NEVER used my health insurance. I got mine jacked to $735 p/mo so that I can pay for everyone else’s NuvaRing. And then, after all the lawsuits come over the DVTs…I will get to help bail the pharmaceutical makers as well. This insanity must end. I just don’t know how we can go on this way.

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