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Harry Reid Attacks Tea Party, Lower Taxes

I don’t think anybody actually believes anything Harry Reid says, although there are those that want to believe the rhetoric. Reid would like to turn America into another Nevada, which holds the dubious distinction of having the highest unemployment rate in the nation. He blames Republicans, and specifically the tea party for holding things up. You may have something there, Harry.

Harry Reid, the disastrous senator from Nevada whose democratically controlled senate is incapable of passing a budget is doing everything possible to make sure Americans will pay higher taxes. The so-called Bush tax cuts are set to expire this year, and unless Republicans bend to the will of the dems, all our taxes will rise. Of course, if the Republicans do wilt, our taxes will go up anyway.

Congress is facing a year-end intersection of the expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts, the $1.2 trillion spending cuts due to the sequester, and expiring payroll tax breaks, meaning that if Congress and the president do not act, American taxpayers could be faced with $310 billion in tax increases next year.

Which is exactly what Reid wants. All he has to do is nothing, and the American taxpayer gets belted with new taxes. What Reid proposes is to raise taxes on the so-called wealthy, those making more than $250,000 a year (sound familiar), ignore exploding Medicare costs until Obamacare gets it hands on it, and try to silence the citizens of this country, which he refers to as the tea party. Those are concerned citizens, but Democrats and RINO’s alike freely bash those that commit to eternal vigilance and dare to question and expose those in the Washington beltway.

I can see what Reid is doing because it’s already happening in California. Tax the job creators and there are ultimately less jobs. Less jobs means more people on the public dole. More people on the public dole means more taxes to take care of the folks that can’t find work anymore. The only logical conclusion to this cycle is to eventually tax everyone at 100 percent and have the goverment redistribute as they see fit. That’s not rhetoric, that is actually occurring as we speak in California. Eventually folks stop producing because they’ll get a government stipend regardless of what they do and the whole thing collapses. Don’t believe it? Look at Europe. They’re trucking in Muslims by the millions in an effort to get somebody-andybody to work in order to prop up the cradle to grave nanny state. We see it in action, and if Harry Reid just does nothing, America will take one more step towards oblivion. Of course, oblivion to some is social justice to others. To Reid it looks like a little SJ, and alot of power and control.

No, life ain’t fair. If I performed my job as badly as Harry Reid, I would be like one of the citizens of Nevada: Unemployed. He on the other hand, ends up as senate majority leader.

I’m starting to think that Mark Levin’s statement was a little more than tongue in cheek: Liberalism is a disease. They have to know their scheme is doomed to failure and will end up harming those they claim to care about the most. They must know that. Harry Reid will not compromise at all, even as he watches his own state go into the ditch. If he had his full mental capacities, he would see that his way is the road to perdition. He clearly does not though, and in his position, he has the power to inflict his mental incompetence on the rest of us.

5 comments to Harry Reid Attacks Tea Party, Lower Taxes

  • They know but they just don’t care because they feel is helpd them stay in power and they feel they can kick the can down the road as long as they are in power and when they are gone it will be someone else’s problem.

    • Exactly. They are going to leave a mess for somebody else, and if it happens to be Mitt Romney, they’ll have four years to “show” America what a mistake it was to depose Obama.

  • Does it ever occur to Reid and the others what they will do when they kill the golden Goose? Never, right ?17

    • Does it ever occur to Reid and the others what they will do when they kill the golden Goose?

      No, that is absolutely not something that they remotely have thought about.

    • Maybe Reid figures that that goose will outlive him and he’ll never have to see the carnage he’s wreaked on the country. Of course it’s too late for that in Nevada, so hard to tell what Reid is thinking-if anything.

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