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Herman Cain Slams Creeping Sharia

Well if Herman Cain means what he says, then my vote goes to him 2012. He is one of the few presidential contenders to stand up to Islam. There will be no prayer rugs in a Herman Cain administration, and that has CAIR up in arms.

The terror supporting, sharia pimping, anti American Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR has turned their propaganda machine towards potential presidential candidate Herman Cain. In an interview, Cain stated that he would not have a Muslim in his administration, nor would he appoint one as a federal judge. CAIR must have taken it personally, because Cain’s reasoning sounded like he was targeting them directly.

“There is this creeping attempt to gradually ease Sharia law and the Muslim faith into our government. It does not belong in our government,” he told a Think Progress blogger.

I’ve talked about this many times. There are a growing number of blogs that are dedicated to this subject. I don’t have to list the instances here to back up Cain’s assertion. A simple search will turn up loads of information.

CAIR went into damage control and accused Cain of bigoted speech, going beyond even routine Muslim bashing. Pretty strong condemnation coming from a pack of terror co-conspirators who really are trying to implement sharia law in the United States. Just ask Oklahoma.

This comes as Susan Collins and Joe Lieberman are bitching to Eric Holder that grant funding for counterterrorism training is going to groups that may be misrepresenting Islam, portraying them as a violent religion.

Ask yourself this question: Why is this even an issue? If Muslims were just good folks that just want to pray, then there would be no need for court challenges, turning the screws on employers, lobbying politicians, or any of the other things groups like CAIR are doing that prove they are up to something. If they weren’t making waves, nobody would be getting splashed.

They are imposing their religion-and we can debate whether Islam is actually a religion or a social system, and people are taking notice. Why are Christians, Jew, Buddhists-whoever-not having these issues? Herman Cain just told us why.

I haven’t heard other potential candidates being this straightforward on this issue. Don’t back down Herman. You might want to get yourself some security though. After all, we are talking about the religion of peace.

8 comments to Herman Cain Slams Creeping Sharia

  • As of right now Herman Cain would get my vote! This is a man who is not afraid to say exactly what he feels and it is refreshing to hear that from a politician for a change.

    • Let’s get his name out there so he doesn’t end up as that guy on the end podium that nobody pays attention to. That’s what happened to Tom Tancredo. Let’s make sure it doesn’t happen to Cain.

  • I believe this subject and Illegals will be two of the critical issues that will affect voter turnout. Which candidate comes down where on this will be interesting. If we do not get this under control, we are toast IMHO.

  • I hear Newt and Rick Santorum have similar views on this issue. Please, please don’t let Newt Gingrich end up as the voice of reason.

  • Never, never, Newt! Sort of sound likes a song title doesn’t it? I have been impressed with Cain sense I first heard of him some three months ago. His expeience as a talk show host will mkae him a formadable debator against Barry. Cain won’t need any telepromptors either.

  • I like Cain, and I think he has a fantastic chance against Obama. I hope we can help get him as our nominee.

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