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ICE Trucking in Illegal Aliens

When Barack Obama decreed amnesty for the DREAM children-and anybody that claimed to be, it was outrageous, it was illegal, and it was defacto amnesty. That was just the appetizer though. Apparently, all a would be illegal alien has to do now is show up at the border, and they will be given transportation deep inside the United States-courtesy of the United States government.

With talk of amnesty and defacto amnesty for illegal aliens already in the United States the expected is happening at the border. Droves of illegal aliens are heading for the the United States, seeking a better life in the form of taxpayer benefits. For anybody that thinks that statement is just anti immigrant rhetoric, look it up. 80 percent of immigrant households partake in such benefits. Thanks to ICE, they’ll get their chance. Waves of Central Americans are making their way to the border, and the influx is so severe, border agents are overwhelmed.

The Border Patrol recently reported that 90,700 migrants were seized in the Rio Grande Valley in the past six months, a 69 percent increase over last year.

ICE is unable to process all the illegals coming across and have come up with a disastrous solution to deal with it. They are busing the illegal aliens to Phoenix and Tucson and dropping them off at bus stations around the cities. No, they are not turning them back. In fact, many of the migrants are turning themselves in to border agents, confident that they will be getting that bus or plane ride to Arizona and a government backed E ticket into the United States.

This revelation comes days after Fusion and Univision anchor Jorge Ramos lambasted John Boehner at a press conference for holding up immigration reform in the house. Sure, Jorge was barking up the wrong tree, but the fact he was attacking anybody was very telling. Ramos later went on FOX’s O’Reilly Factor and spewed that the border had never been more safe and secure, even pointing to the phony Obama deportation numbers.

How can you have a rational immigration discussion with someone like that? The border is a chaotic mess, the violence is out of control, and ICE is shipping illegal aliens to Arizona (One more punch in the face for SB 1070). Drug cartels move drugs and human cargo across borders at will, and Ramos wants to talk amnesty. Boehner, to his credit was right when he told Ramos that Obama cannot be trusted to actually enforce immigration law. Just ask ICE.

If you thought that the onslaught of illegal immigration was the downfall of the United States (as I do), then this is the death blow. ICE is actually escorting illegal aliens to their destination. So far, all we know about is Phoenix and Tucson. Are we to presume those are the only destinations on the ICE itinerary?

This is it. Only the most radical crackdown and most unrelenting enforcement of immigration law will alleviate and slow the inevitable. That’s not going to happen. In fact, there aren’t that many Republicans in the house that need to be picked off in order to pass an amnesty bill. In the meantime, the pool of recipients of that coming amnesty is exploding. We’re done. Anything else you want to discuss about this country?

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  • I know a few ICE people. They are not thrilled with what they are being told to do. I want Eric Cantor to take every kid that comes across the border and personally bear financial responsibility for them.

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