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Illegal Alien Detention Centers Becoming Country Clubs

You would think that someone caught crossing into the United States illegally would go to jail and spend some unpleasant days thinking about their crime before being deported back to their country of origin. Well, they may or may not go to jail, but even if they do, it may be a better life than the illegal alien left behind.

Currently, it is estimated the illegal immigration costs the United States $100 billion per year. Look for those costs to rise dramatically in the near future, and all of it will be on the taxpayer dime. The federal government is ordering upgrades at illegal alien detention centers that may have the criminal illegal alien living better than some Americans that have fallen on tough times. You’ve heard of country club prisons for white collar criminals? Well, some of them may lobby to be transferred to illegal alien detention centers.

Among the changes that the fed has ordered sounds more like a cruise ship itinerary than a jail.

E-mails obtained by the Houston Chronicle reveal that federal authorities have ordered the following changes at the holding centers for illegal immigrants: More variety in menus, fresh veggie bars, self-serve beverages, continental breakfast on weekends, movie nights, bingo, arts and crafts, dance and cooking classes, tutoring and computer training.

Yes, dancing, cooking, computer training. They can also expect softer bedding, freshly painted centers, and potted plants for ambiance. I’ve said it before: You can’t make this up. As funding is gutted for border fencing, it is ramped up for illegal alien country club jails. Many come to this country illegally because they just don’t have access to these types of amenities where they come from. Instead of working to make sure they will eventually have them, illegal aliens turn away from the countries they claim to love so much for the freebies that await them in the United States. If they can’t take advantage of social programs, identity theft, and under the table jobs, they can always go to jail. It would be an improvement over where they came from.

Not only will the illegal aliens have access to amenities that Americans pay handsomely for at vacation time, the security will be so lax that they may be able to escape unnoticed when they want to leave. Those considered low risk will be able to troll the detention center in street clothes, unidentifiable as prisoners. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the man who actually knows how to run a detention center, is outraged. If he catches an illegal alien, they get pink underwear and a bunk in a tent out in the desert. He hasn’t lost one yet. The feds are looking to change that.

“What do they have to lose? They come across the border, get deported and come and cross again. When they detain you, you live in a nice place, better than Mexico. Hey, that is a great deal and get a free ride back,” said Arpiao.

This just encourages more illegal immigration. Right now they can come here, vote, campaign for candidates, and receive services on the taxpayer dime. Add to that Obama’s promises of amnesty and the throngs will continue to come. The only thing that slows them down is the drug war raging at the border. It is not increased security. Do you think illegal aliens are afraid of being detained? Look what they have to look forward to, and when they eventually are deported, they can just make their way back, sometimes that very day. They also know that if they haven’t already been convicted of a serious crime the DHS will end up turning them loose anyway, so as Sheriff Joe says, “What do they have to lose?”

They have nothing to lose and everything to gain. For the illegal alien it’s almost a no-brainer to cross illegally. At the same time, the opportunity cost is the further destruction of the country they left behind. Empty out the working age population from any country, and they won’t have two legs to stand on. We see that in Mexico now. The youngest and strongest are leaving the country, and the vacuum is being filled with the cartels. Mexico doesn’t have the resources to take them on. All the resources are here, taking cooking lessons.

The next time you see someone waving the flag of their country of origin and smacking down the United States for not doing enough for them, you’ll already know what hypocrites they are. If the feds continue to get their way though, there won’t be any need for flags. We’ll just be one big North American Union.

8 comments to Illegal Alien Detention Centers Becoming Country Clubs

  • YOu said it, you can’t make this stuff up! We can’t build a fence but we can do this?! No wonder why the illegals are coiming here, they don’t care if they get caught because they will still be leading a better life. Soon the illegals will cross the border and ask for directions to these detention centers, they will start giving themselves up in order to stay there. This is unbelievable!

  • Give me a break, please. Okay, I can understand making sure they have proper food and things like that, it just makes sense. At the same time, it doesn’t make sense to provide them with amenities that some of us don’t even have. Who was the bright-eyed liberal who thought this up?

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  • I think Joe Arpaio has it right. Pink underwear and tents. You can be sure those folks don’t want to come back.

    It might be worth investigating who indeed came up with this ridiculous idea.

  • If we have to keep them here, then they should ride the bikes to generate enough electricity for the state.

  • Great idea mcnorman. I had to laugh at the bias of that article writer though. “torture device, dehumanizing.” Those poor criminals.

  • Shocking…. Sooo… how did anyone decide that this would be a good way to spend?

  • Olivia

    This is what Barack Obama has DONE for illegal aliens and look at what he is DOING to American taxpayers. I bet our veterans and senior citizens, people who have worked to protect our country and pay taxes to establish the foundation of our country, would LOVE to be treated like these illegal aliens are treated. Instead, the body parts of our veterans are tossed in a community grave in Virginia and our senior citizens are left to starve, and without proper medical care.

    Barack Obama has stood on national television and told a crowd of Mexicans… “the Americans are your ENEMY.” (search this statement.) His intentions are obvious.

    My opinion is that Barack Obama is destroying this country and it must be stopped.

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