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Illegal Aliens Handed Keys to New York

With Republicans standing by like helpless chumps, the country is rapidly descending into chaos. If Washington is a basket case, then states and cities are the ugly stepchild. Unfortunately for us, they’re getting more done than the feds.

When New Yorkers elected Bill DeBlasio as their mayor, they knew what they were getting. But he’s just one guy. Shame on you New York. Your ignorance harms the entire country. And DeBlasio is taking full advantage. In his state of city address, DeBlasio outlined his socialist agenda, including a plan to offer city ID cards to illegal aliens. This has already been done in cities like Oakland and San Francisco, but DeBlasio apparently wants the disastrous consequences closer to home. The cards would be available to anybody, but DeBlasio was clear about who they were really for.

Bank accounts, leases, and anything else you could get with an ID would be used by illegal aliens, although according to DeBlasio, not for government benefits. His argument holds no water though, because they won’t be keeping records of the immigration status of the card holders. Correct, that means taxpayer funded benefits will be available for the taking, with no fake ID necessary.

Meanwhile, the Obama regime holds the position that ID cards are racist and would keep minorities away from the polls because it is just too difficult to obtain a simple ID card. Not a problem for Bill DeBlasio. ID’s when it suits them, and racism when it does not. DeBlasio somehow estimates that a half million illegal aliens already live in New York City. Now, how can a poor illegal alien, with little or nothing to his name reside in one of the most expensive cities in the world? Could it be that they are already partaking in government subsidies, using phony ID? DeBlasio’s scheme would solve that problem.

But it would still be illegal. It is called aiding and abetting. What’s more, the Obama regime has made it clear that immigration law is under the purveiw of the federal goverment and states-and cities for that matter do not have the jurisdiction to override that. But we know that only applies to states like Arizona, not New York, not California, nor Illinois. Those states can make immigration law all they want because they fall in line with the Obama agenda. There has been recent talk of lawlessness regarding the Obama regime, and their failure to crack down on those that blatantly flout the law makes them an accessory in this case. But who’s there to stop DeBlasio? New Yorkers want it, and so does Eric Holder’s injustice Department.

I head Dennis Miller opine a few weeks ago on his radio show. He said that the country has turned left and that’s the reality. Are you going to let that ruin your day, ruin your life? It’s not that it’s going to happen, it has happened. Yes, it has. From government to schools, to multinational companies, to even the entertainment industry, a theoretical escape from reality. It’s all been infiltrated by left leaning idealogues, and it took them decades. How long would it take to get it all back? Not in this lifetime, and that is reality.

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  • Not in my lifetime will we see the America that I grew up in. NY is a lab experiment for what the rest of the country will face in the years to come. I’ve lived in an area where the illegals (yes, that is the label that I use because they broke the law) run the county. They have more rights than a citizen does. This is not the America that I thought my child would thrive in.

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