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Illegal Aliens Have Greenlight For Obamacare

For all those illegal aliens that think signing up for Obamacare might lead to deportation, rest easy amigos. Your just the kind of folks he’s looking for.

We already know that Barack Obama has illegally decreed amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. We know that Janet Napolitano did it even before Obamna decreed it. We know Obama and his sidekick Eric Holder were selling automatic weapons to illegal alien thugs who took advantage of Obama’s border erasing policies. But according to this AP article, illegal aliens are afraid to even allow their legal relatives sign up for Obamacare, fearing the information gleaned may lead to their deportations. Even if it were true that illegal aliens have this unwarranted fear, their votes are just too important to even think about anything like deportation.

Obama, who has made a career of obliterating the separate branches of government, issued yet another decree, guaranteeing illegal aliens won’t be touched.

In mid-October, three weeks after enrollment opened, President Barack Obama’s administration stepped in. Immigration and Customs Enforcement published a “clarification” designed to assuage fears. The memo explained that information obtained through health care registration would not be used to pursue immigration cases against anyone in the country illegally.

Not that they ever would use the information for that purpose, but apparently they felt the need to once again remind the illegal alien nation that there should be no fear of deportation.

The AP article focuses on-you guessed it, an illegal alien that received Obama’s DREAM Act amnesty decree. His parents are outright illegal aliens. Turns out though, the joke is on him. He makes too much to qualify for a subsidy (yes, he has somebody’s job), and the insurance will cost him a whopping 20 percent of his salary. If anybody can afford to fork out that kind of money and still cover the rent must be making some pretty good coin. My bet is he isn’t making a king’s ransom and Obamacare is going to hurt. Maybe not as bad as the guy who should have the job he took from an American, but it will hurt. Maybe that’s why, like millions of others, illegal aliens aren’t rushing to sign up. Why pay that kind of money when the emergency room ends up being free?

The Obama regime feels that illegal alien families are predominantly young and healthy, and probably won’t be using their insurance. Just the kind of saps they’re looking for. But if you look at California hospitals and other medical facilities throughout the West, illegal aliens put a tremendous strain on medical services, with many hospitals shuttering their doors due to the cost.

Of course Obamacare won’t work. The theories floated that this is just a Cloward-Piven tactic to demolish the system starts making more and more sense. Tear it down and make it in your own graven image. The image in this case being single payer. Cloward-Piven or not, the tearing down of the system is well underway.

3 comments to Illegal Aliens Have Greenlight For Obamacare

  • To be fair RJ, they don’t have a clue as to what they are getting. Looks great on the outside, crap on the inside. In their own origin countries, they can go to the pharmacy and pick up whatever for pennies and dollars.

    I see time to run away shock. Yup, the medicaid lines will be longer, they get some foreig physician assistant who doesn’t really like taking care of this population. Maybe that pa just can’t stand listening to bs whining from people who refuse to take care of themselves? Who knows? They will all have BMIs in the super obesity label. The pa will be telling them that they have to back off the lard laden foods. Moo will still be on her “move” crusade. The cable tv might get cut if the drone outside the HUD building spots them on the couch for too many hours of the day. Bus service to get to and from might not be an option anymore. Maybe, this will be the way to force everyone to go home?

    • rjjrdq

      I still think the freebies outweigh the inconveniences. They won’t be leaving any time soon.

      • Of course not, but as the indentured servitude becomes more extreme others will think twice before jumping on the bandwagon. Soon, they will be pining for the good ole days.

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