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IRS Mirrors Administration Arrogance

This news is even worse than it appears on the surface. As the unmitigated corruption of the Obama regime is bared like a cancer to the world, they continue to reward their thugs and dare anyone to do anything about it. They have only past experience to conclude whether they can actually get away with this. Well, that may expain it.

The Obama regime has hit the trifecta of scandals, balancing the IRS targeting scandal, Benghazi, and the AP phone record theft scandal at the same time. They’ve basically gotten away with Fast and Furious, the ACORN scandal, and the litany of other nation killing machinations that has been their trademark.

Now we have the regime showing their arrogance by promoting the thug that oversaw the IRS division that attacked patriotic groups and individuals. Sarah Hall Ingram will become is now the head of the IRS Operational Planning and Implementation of the Tax Law Provisions of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, also known as the Obamacare tax enforcer. We are being forced to fund the decline of the American health care system, and now we have a top IRS attack dog in charge to make sure you do. Now, not only can you get hit with an audit, but you can be in violation of Obamacare at the same time. Have you read the full text of that tax? Neither have I. Even if we had, there are portions that are subject to interpretation-theirs, not ours.

Remember when the White House asked citizens to report to them anybody who was criticizing Obamacare? Friends, co-workers by the water cooler? Remember when they hired a goon to troll the internet and look for any anti-obama content? We wondered then what they would do with that information. Well, we now we know. And if you think the regime will stop with just audits and denials of 503(c)’s, guess again. Virtually everything they do is an attack either on America as an entity, or directly on the American citizen. They ask inappropriate questions, personal information they are not entitled to. They steal phone records. They’ve stolen millions of health care records in California. So far, we only know about California. They stand by while terrorists lay waste to American citizens overseas. They stand by while the border is overrun with millions of citizens with allegiance to another country. They rig elections, they strangle business, they’ve weakened the military, and so many other things that it can’t all be covered here. It has been covered though, and the fact the Barack Obama is still posing as president of the United States and in a second term no less is stunning.

Do you feel “hearings” are going to get to the bottom of this? Sure, just like it got to the bottom of Fast and Furious. Already the AP scandal is fading, and the IRS has even cast a shadow over the Benghazi debacle.

I don’t have much faith in our elected representatives, and I have even less faith in the millions that support Obama no matter what. Those are the folks that can make the likes of Obama and his goons go away now. Do you see that happening? Me either. Hopefully I’ll never get a call from Sarah Ingram, because I’m pretty sure I’ll be on my own.

2 comments to IRS Mirrors Administration Arrogance

  • Having the IRS in charge of Obamacare has always been frightening but so many people did not even realize this was the case. So hopefully at least this will wake people up to that and make them question what is going on. Like you I do not trust the people in Washington and I have my doubts about millions of Americans who will blindly follow Obama into hell.

    • Well, we have thrown at least some of the bums out in the past. That does nothing to address the bureaucrats that are left behind.

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